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Men: Here's why you need a physical

An annual physical is an important way to ward off illness and stay strong longer. Read more about the benefits of getting an annual primary care visit.

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inner ear infection vs swimmers ear, photo of child with ear infection symptoms and signs

Swimmer's ear vs ear infection: Four ways to spot the difference

female doctor standing in front of seated female patient with a hand extended and resting on the patient’s shoulder in an exam setting

Strokes in young adults: Risks, signs and prevention

mother in jeans and a t-shirt and wearing a backpack sprays tick repellent on her son’s pants and hiking boots as he looks on while wearing a backpack and holding a walking stick on a forest trail

How a tick bite could make you allergic to meat

Bare feet on the floor as man steps out of bed, an example when you might hear cracking and popping noises in joints.

The reason behind that cracking noise in your joints

Couple discussing colon cancer screening while on a walk

Colon cancer: Early screening can save your life

An image taken during a HeartScan test

How a quick calcium scan can reveal heart disease risk


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