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I love you, so get to the doc!

If your partner is overdue for a regular check-up or you’re anxious about their health, it's natural to be concerned if they avoid seeing a doctor. It's common for men especially to resist seeking medical care until they're actually sick. They'll brush off symptoms with, "I’m fine."

If your partner is reluctant to see the doc, here are some tips to help them get going.

  • Tell them you care. Tell your partner you want them to get a check-up because you love and care for them and want them to live a healthy, long life.
  • State the facts. Most physicals take less than 20 minutes and don't require anything more invasive than a needle.
  • Use family history. If you can show a pattern of health issues in the family they may find this more reason to see the doc.
  • Ask if you can help schedule an appointment. Learn your partner's preferences in the doctor they'd like to see such as sex, age, and/or experience level.

On the flip side, there are some things you shouldn't say or do:

  • Don't argue or nag, or ignore your partner if they seem resistant.
  • Don't schedule a doctor's appointment without your partner's okay.
  • Don't jump to conclusions about your partner's health condition or issues before they have seen their doctor.

Most men have three major health concerns: keeping the weight off, the hair on and the virility strong. If you can convince your guy to come in for these reasons it might be "the in" his doctor needs in order to develop a good rapport and talk about common health concerns and routine testing.


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