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Understanding obesity and its complex treatment challenges

Obesity can be a challenge to manage and affects almost 40% of American adults. So, while working to lose a lot of weight can eliminate and prevent a host of health complications, it’s not always as simple as eating better and exercising more.

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Women getting the COVID-19 vaccine

How to talk about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

midwives doulas birth plan

Midwife, doula or obstetrician: Who to include in your birth plan

Should I get the COVID 19 Vaccine? Is the COVID vaccine safe?

Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine? Five things to consider

stocksy holidaygrief medium 456660 682x408

Five tips to cope with grief during the holidays

woman with seasonal affectiveness disorder sits at computer

Seasonal Affective Disorder – therapy and treatment options

Dermatitis  682x408 woman itching arm

Types of dermatitis and how to treat them


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