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11 tips for planning a healthy road trip

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to create fun memories with family and friends by going on a road trip. While enjoying the open road, you may find yourself hitting the brakes on healthy habits. Read on to explore 11 tips for planning a healthy and safe road trip. 

1. Make a plan for your road trip

Planning a road trip and maintaining healthy habits on the go requires intentional preparation. Make a to-do list ahead of time to ensure you are packing the items you need. Waiting until the last minute to tackle everything on your list may make it seem impossible to complete. Preparing for a road trip can be stressful. Planning can help reduce stress and anxiety. You’ll be more at ease and ready to go. 

2. Pack road trip snacks  

Eating healthy is essential to helping your body avoid digestive issues and fatigue. Bring healthy snacks to save money and prevent someone from going “hangry.” Pack veggies, fruits, protein bars and drink enough water throughout the day.

3. Plan healthy meal options

It’s easy to go by the “I can eat whatever” motto on a road trip. Finding healthy restaurants on your route can help avoid unhealthy fast food options. Eating cleaner meals will provide you with vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, build a stronger immune system, increase energy levels and more. 

4. Plan a road trip with stops 

Take regular breaks every two hours to stay fresh and alert. Taking a break at a local gas station will allow you to get fresh air, stock up on snacks and drinks, and stretch your body. Rest stop workouts can help you avoid cramped legs and a stiff back, neck and shoulders. If possible, stop at sightseeing spots to see famous landmarks.

5. Prioritize sleep over distance 

Being exhausted and driving should never go hand in hand. Keep you and your passengers safe by getting about eight hours of sleep each night to help maintain energy reserves. If you find yourself feeling drowsy while driving, pull over and rest at a safe location. Remember, sleep is more important than distance.

6. Make a playlist

A road trip wouldn’t be complete without a great playlist. Jamming to upbeat music can uplift everyone’s mood, reduce stress and provide comfort. Hearing favorite songs will inspire everyone to sing along and create great memories.

7. Stay entertained with games

Road trip games are a fun way to pass the time while awaiting your destination. Playing 21 Questions, The License Plate Game, Alphabet Game and more can strengthen relationships, provide entertainment, boost energy levels and make your ride go by faster. Avoid road trip games that can distract your driver and risk others’ safety.

8. Road trip safety tips

A first aid kit is essential to pack in case of injures where there isn’t a hospital nearby. Make sure your kit has bandages, gauze, medications, surgical tape, and more. Download the Allina Health account app in case you need to need to connect with a health care provider who can further asset you. 

9.  Maximize road trip comfort

Comfort is key on a long road trip and can help you prevent injuries. Wearing comfortable clothes can help you relax without sacrificing your unique style. Always wear weather-appropriate attire, so you’re prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store. 

10. Listen to your body

Pay attention to your body and listen if something is wrong. Take notice of how you’re feeling, recent changes and your mental health. Give your body the movement, nutrition and rest that it needs. 

11. Get care on the road

You can plan for a healthy road trip but not unexpected illnesses or injuries. Get care from anywhere in Minnesota and Wisconsin by logging in to your Allina Health account. Virtual care makes it easy to connect with a health care provider who will listen to your concerns, answer questions and recommend a treatment plan to keep you rolling.


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