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Should I call the midwife?

The popular television series Call the Midwife has put midwifery in the spotlight, but midwives aren't just a thing of the past. Midwives are still a vibrant part of women’s health care.

If you’ve wondered about what they do, or how they may differ from a physician, listen in as Kathrine Simon, CNM, MS, lead midwife, discusses how care is centered on wellness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles all while supporting emotional and physical well-being. Learn what midwifery care looks like throughout a woman’s life, including pregnancy and childbirth through menopause.

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Beating postpartum depression during COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty in our world during coronavirus, if you are a new mother your feelings of anxiety, stress and concern could be heightened. Some symptoms of postpartum depression can be mistaken for normal worry and stress that many people are experiencing due to COVID-19. Read more on how to beat the “baby blues” from the team at The Mother Baby Center.

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