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Bad breath and what to do about it! Quiz for kids

Almost everyone has bad breath (also known as halitosis) once in a while. Even kids! It can be embarrassing, but usually not a problem beyond that. 

Take our quiz to see if you know what causes bad breath, and how to prevent it.

  1. If someone has bad breath it's a sign they don't take very good care of themselves.

False. Bad breath is caused by a lot of different things and nearly everyone has bad breath sometimes. It's important to talk to a doctor or dentist if it becomes a long-lasting problem.

  1. Smoking or chewing tobacco causes bad breath.

True. Smoking and chewing tobacco both leave a residual smell, and can also cause gum disease as well as more serious health conditions that lead to bad breath.

  1. If your mouth is very dry that can cause bad breath.

True. Saliva helps to keep your mouth clean, washing away bacteria and food particles that cause bad breath.

  1. Preventing bad breath can be extra challenging if you have braces or a retainer.

True. It's important to clean in braces using the tools given to you by your orthodontists. Make sure you clean your retainer every day.

  1. If you brush and floss your teeth every day you will never have bad breath.

False. Foods you eat and medicines you take can cause bad breath, as can certain physical conditions such as sinus problems or tonsillitis. 

See the whole lesson at Kids can learn how to tell if they have bad breath and get tips on how to keep their breath fresh.


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