Infographic showing steps needed to walk off calories of State Fair food


Uncovering the calories of your favorite State Fair foods

State fair season is a time to safely gather and delight your inner foodie. If your bucket list of fair foods and wellness ambitions clash, counting calories and steps can help keep your dietary goals on course.

Don’t stress if you have a minor setback. A one-day detour from your healthy habits is okay. Just don’t let it turn into a routine. With moderation, you can keep your long-term goals on track. Fitness gadgets like a pedometer, smartwatch, or smartphone make it easy to count steps and calories. 

Some state fair foods are too much for one person. Satisfy your taste buds while taking in fewer calories by sharing food with your loved ones or friends.

Read this infographic to find out how many steps it could take to “walk off” the calories from some of your favorite foods and beverages.

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Uncovering the calories of your favorite State Fair foods

How many steps does it take to walk off your favorite treat?

[Image of foot-long corn dog]
Foot-long corn dog
Calories: 400
Number of steps to burn it off: 8,000

[Image of a pile of French fries]
French fries (7 oz.)
Calories: 560
Number of steps to burn it off: 11,200

[Image of cheese curds]
Deep fried cheese curds (5 oz)
Calories: 570
Number of steps to burn it off: 11,400

[Image of a bottle of cola (20 oz.)]
Calories: 240
Number of steps to burn it off: 4,800

[Image of root beer float (14 oz.)]
Calories: 330
Number of steps to burn it off: 6,600

[Image of a cookie]
One cookie
Number of steps to burn it off: 3,000

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