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Five tips to curb food waste

In most homes, banana peels go into the trash along with unfinished dinner and the veggies that sat in the fridge too long. Every piece of spoiled spinach we keep out of the garbage adds up to make a difference—environmentally and financially.

Here are five tips to avoid food waste in your home:

  1. Look before you toss.

    We typically buy similar items every trip to the grocery store. Take inventory of what you routinely end up throwing away. If you buy a loaf of bread every time you go to the store, but toss half of it because it goes moldy, consider freezing half the loaf. Split a crate of clementines with a friend or neighbor if you notice you throw away more than you can eat.
  2. First in, first out.

    When unpacking your groceries, put new items in the back and move older items to the front. Rotating items helps ensure you'll finish off the last handful of salad greens before opening a new bag. The same goes for canned goods in your pantry.
  3. Shop your kitchen.

    Knowing what you already have in your refrigerator and cupboards can save you from buying what you don't need. Be a savvy-shopper by taking inventory, creating a list and sticking to it once you're at the market.
  4. Be friends with your freezer.

    If you can't pass up a great deal at the grocery store, use your freezer for meat, bread, fruit and veggies you got on sale. Store fruits and veggies flat, in a single layer in a freezer bag, to help with storage and avoid bags that turn into a frozen clump.
  5. Love leftovers.

    Some home cooks have perfected the art of cooking for the amount of mouths they need to feed without any leftovers. For those of us who haven't, don't throw away the extra portions. Add pizazz to a pasta dish by adding milk, eggs and fresh veggies to transform it into a frittata. Leftover chicken or turkey make for great soups or sandwiches.


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