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Six food trends to watch for in 2020

  • Filling two-thirds of your plate with plant-based foods is an important step you can take every time you eat.
  • Wild rice also contains lysine (an amino acid), fiber, minerals and B vitamins.
  • Sweet potatoes are a good source of manganese which is a necessary nutrient that aids your metabolism, bone development and vitamin absorption.

Beverages galore!

 mocktails are among many new drink options exploding in popularity

Beverage options are exploding with possibilities. From alcohol-added tea drinks to sober curious cocktails, whatever your vibe there’s a liquid refreshment. Beverage trends to watch for include collagen-rich protein drinks; oat milk everywhere you look; and organic and herb-infused sports drinks.

CBD oil (and hemp)

HSG NOURISH 2020 food trends woman placing dropper of CBD oil in mouth sm448x268

CBD oil and hemp products are the cool kid on the block, in anything and everything in dropper form by itself and in drinks, snack foods and health and wellness products.

Eco-friendly, sustainable

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Continuing a trend we identified two years ago, we are expanding our consciousness of food waste, choosing to eat more locally and sustainably, as well as expanding our efforts to compost. More urban communities are including backyard chickens (and eggs), or you can participate in community supported agriculture (CSA) shares and farmers markets. This food trend is closely tied to …

Indigenous foods

 dandelion blooms and other hot food trends

We are going back to our roots, foraging and incorporating local and traditional ingredients (the aforementioned urban chickens are one example). Another local example is Minnesota’s own Sean Sherman, who spreads his knowledge and passion for indigenous foods through community education and his James Beard award-winning cookbook “Sioux Chef”. And this food trend ties into yet another …

Global influences

global cuisines, new food trends  

As we continue to travel more globally and immigration waves change, cuisines and street foods are expanding our palettes. Foods and cuisines to experience for yourself this year might come from West Africa; South America, especially Peru; India; and Vietnam.

Plant-based meat alternatives

food trends include plant-based burgers

There was a time, not so long ago that your only non-meat burger option was made from black beans. Not any longer. New plant-based meat substitutes include beets, mushrooms and ancient grains to name just a few.

So wherever you are on your culinary journey, we invite you to branch out and try a new food or cuisine in 2020. You never know what might become a new favorite.


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