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Clean eating

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This infographic talks about clean eating. Clean eating is a pretty simple concept. It centers around eating raw or lightly cooked foods and avoiding foods and ingredients with fillers or chemicals added. Eating clean is good for us. It includes eating more seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, while avoiding sodium- and chemical-filled processed foods. It has been shown to have huge health benefits from losing weight to having more energy and even sleeping better. Clean eating might be just what you need to feel better.

Here are some tips to help you eat clean:

  • eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible
  • buy foods with five ingredients or less on the label
  • cook from scratch whenever you can
  • avoid packaged foods
  • don’t buy frozen fruits or vegetables with sauce added
  • avoid sweetened beverages, including diet soda

For example, a best food choice would be: apples, oranges, strawberries, fresh spinach, homemade soup, whole turkey, or applesauce.

A good food choice would be: 100% orange juice, strawberry preserves, bagged pre-washed spinach, canned soup, deli turkey (choose brands which don’t contain fillers or nitrates), or natural nut butters/

An example of food choices to avoid include: apple toaster pastry, orange soda, strawberry gelatin dessert, frozen creamed spinach, dehydrated soup mix, frozen turkey meatballs, or highly processed nut butters.

If you do buy packaged items, healthier choices are becoming more widely available. Visit for their yearly awards for the 100 cleanest packaged food.


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