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But I hate milk: Strong bones without the dairy

Our bones are at their strongest at age 30, and slowly lose density as we age. This is a natural part of getting older. But if there was something you could do to prevent a disease, wouldn't you do it? 80 percent of people who have osteoporosis are women, so the earlier you start thinking about your bones, the better. Conversations about healthy, strong bones usually include milk, but what if you're not a milk-drinker or are lactose intolerant? Listen as Jaclyn Guetzko, DNP, Allina Health Bloomington Clinic, talks about options.

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Baby steps: Tips to ease your child's shift to table food

It’s a big transition for your child to go to baby food from bottle or breast feeding, another to go from baby foods to table foods. Both can be confusing and overwhelming. But, these developmental milestones also can be a time filled with lots of fun and firsts, for baby and for you.

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