balance healthy eating with real life


Balance healthy eating with real life

Imagine spending your days relaxing while your private chef prepares nutritious, from-scratch meals morning, noon and night. 

Not your reality? Don't let the hectic pace of your life or a budget discourage you. Try a few of these ideas to help you be more confident that you are eating healthier in real life.

Make shortcuts

  • Start with the basic components of a healthy plate—lean protein, vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy. Not every meal needs to have all of them. Just do your best to include a range of food groups at every meal.
  • Cook more than you need for a meal. Lean ground beef and poultry can be cooked, then split up and packaged in smaller freezer containers. Your frozen, cooked chicken can be used later in a whole-grain wrap or added to a can of low-sodium soup for a protein boost.
  • Canned pinto or black beans are good sources of protein. Just drain and serve on a tortilla with cheese and salsa for a quick burrito.
  • Frozen, pre-cooked soy burgers make for a quick and easy microwave meal.
  • Add frozen vegetables to soups and hot dishes.

The freezer is your friend

  • Freeze everything from pre-cooked rice to bread.
  • Choose frozen vegetables and fruit. Steamer bags of vegetables have nearly as much nutrition as fresh. Avoid frozen veggies prepared with a butter or cream sauce and fruit that comes packed in syrup or juice.
  • Choose plain yogurt but add frozen fruit for a tasty swap that has less refined sugar.

And speaking of healthy food swaps...

  • Replace salad dressing and vegetable dip with salsa.
  • Opt for whole-wheat or whole-grain bread, pasta, tortillas and cereal. Oats, brown rice, quinoa and bulgur are also good whole-grain options.
  • Choose a slice of whole-grain bread with a tablespoon of no-sugar almond butter for a satisfying snack.
  • Try plain oatmeal and add a mashed banana for natural sweetness. 

Save time and money with delivery

Many grocery store chains offer online shopping with convenient pickup or home delivery. Shopping online can save you time, and money as you're less likely to make impulse purchases.


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