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How the brain reacts when we show kindness

Watch as Dr. Jesse Corry, a stroke neurologist at the John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute at United Hospital, talks with KMSP FOX 9 News about how our brain works when we show acts of kindness. While we may have felt stressed out with all the gift-giving during the holidays, two new studies show our brain is actually wired to be generous. It's a matter of culture and biology affecting one another. 

Watch Dr. Corry's interview.


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A doctor’s reflections on Pride, resilience and racism

It is often difficult for me as a doctor to understand how my unconscious racist ideas influence perceptions about a patient’s barriers to care, their reason for a clinic visit, or even reasons they might avoid care altogether. Being able to identify my own racist ideas is a very powerful tool for me to understand and consciously overcome some of my unconscious presumptions that are based on racist ideas. Join me as I reflect about Pride, resilience and racism.

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