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Five tips for good mental health

Being healthy also means having good emotional health. When you are mentally healthy you are able to handle life's challenges, stay resilient to life's setbacks, and build strong relationships with others. Improving emotional health is as fulfilling as building good physical health and can benefit all aspects of your life. Boost your well-being and stay mentally healthy by following these top tips.

Advice for mental health

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Take care of your body
Your body is meant to be moved and nourished with healthy food. Exercise is one of the most effective treatments for depression and anxiety. Moreover, the side effects are desirable. Treating your body with appropriate nutrients and being active will reduce stress hormones, increase monoamines to improve your mood, and provide you with energy to face life's challenges and manage everyday stress.

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Feed your soul
Engaging in activities that you are good at and enjoy will boost your confidence and provide you with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Additionally, taking that time to do what you love reinforces the message for yourself and others that you are of value and deserving of time and care. Most importantly, laugh every day! Laughter decreases stress hormone and increases endorphins. 

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Foster good friendships
Whether you're a social butterfly or a wallflower, be mindful of your relationships. Develop a supportive social network and surround yourself with positive people who enjoy and appreciate you. Healthy relationships are essential for emotional health, particularly during times of misfortune and distress. Remember that different friends play different roles in your life and fulfill different needs, so don't rely on one person to be your "everything." 

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Embrace your emotions
There are no negative or positive emotions, but rather varying degrees of comfort or discomfort. Emotions are our best informants and motivators, letting us know what is and is not healthy in our lives and prompting change. Keeping feelings trapped inside, hidden, disguised, or denied generates internal tension and confusion. In addition to relief and catharsis, expressing emotions communicates our wants and needs. 

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The Platinum rule
You are with yourself all day every day, so be good to yourself! Do onto yourself as you would do onto others. When someone is hurting, frustrated, anxious, or down, we tend to be skilled at providing comfort, giving advice, or offering relief. Remember to treat yourself with the same compassion, thoughtfulness and forgiveness.


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