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Do parents overshare their kids on the Internet?

Parents spend a lot of timing worrying about their children oversharing on social media. But parents can be just as guilty when it comes to posting photos, videos and stories.  

When you think about sharing, it's really important kids don't feel violated in terms of exposure to their private moments. Look at it like you're caught in your pajamas. Nobody wants to be caught in their pajamas and unless your child is aware of what's going out or has some sort of say in it, it's not the healthiest thing to do to the parental-child relationship.

We don't have to say to a child, 'I want to post a photo and I need your permission' to put something out there. It's more like, 'We had this family reunion, I want to share it with people, which photo of you would you like me to post?' and then they have some say, they have some buy-in, some control, some autonomy and that's important.

I also encourage parents to think about why they're posting the photo or video. It's very appropriate to post a photo if your child just did something wonderful, like graduate. As parents, we're proud of our kids and we're proud of ourselves for getting them through that, financially and/or emotionally. It's when we cross the line of living vicariously through our children and we're trying to stroke our self-esteem that we need to be cautious about. There's a very fine line here.

In the end, my motto is less is always more. Frankly, people aren't as interested in us as we think.


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