teen practicing meditation at home as a way to cope with coronavirus isolation


Coronavirus isolation: Ten lessons to help kids cope

With coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing recommendations in place for the near future, all of us are learning how to manage the change in routines, coupled with feelings of uncertainty and fear.   

The same goes for kids and teens. They may be feeling restless and bored, along with missing their friends. Some may face additional challenges and react more strongly with increased irritability or other behaviors.

While this situation is unprecedented in many ways, it won’t be the last time our kids and teens need to manage a stressful event in their lives. The lessons we teach them now are lessons they can draw from for a lifetime.

But learning how to “chill out” doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice.

Wondering where to start? We can help. We asked the Allina Health Change to Chill and HealthPowered Kids teams for recommendations on lessons and activities to help teens and younger kids during this challenging time.

Coping lessons for teens

Learning About Stress and How to Cope. This lesson teaches teens what stress is and how it affects the body. It includes a worksheet and video and provides coping tips.

Life Balance. Helps teen understand what they value most and helps them think about ways to put those values into action.

Mental Remix. Helps teens think about how they can change how they deal with stress.

Chill Breaks. Two, five and 10-minute activities to help you stress less.

Exercise your Imagination with Guided Imagery. Teens learn about using guided imagery to change what they are focused on and how they are feeling. Includes suggestions on ways meditation can be helpful in everyday situations, like taking a test.

Coping lessons for kids

Establish a Daily Rule. Build healthful practices into the day, one step at a time. Consider making this an activity for the whole family.

Yoga for Any Room! Easy yoga poses and instructions for any age, any room.   

Learning Mindfulness Through Movement. Kids learn eight different yoga poses in a mindful, sequenced practice.

Gratitude: Overlooked Blessings. Gratitude helps people feel happier and deal with stress better. This lesson helps kids develop an attitude of gratitude.

Noticing Walk and Reflection. An introduction to mindfulness practice. Kids learn to reflect on what they saw, heard, felt and thought about during a walk.



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