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Consider setting a New Year's resolution around volunteering

Welcoming a new year offers a wonderful opportunity to make new choices and take new chances in life. Whether you reflect proudly on your many accomplishments in the past year or you can't wait to turn a new page and look toward the future, the new calendar year is an opportunity to do the things that might have been on your back burner. If you've been thinking about volunteering for years or have been contemplating your resolutions for the new year, consider finding a volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule in 2018!  

Volunteering Makes the Perfect New Year's Resolution
Volunteering makes the perfect New Year's Resolution because it creates a trifecta of great outcomes. Volunteerism has countless benefits to the community and also to the health and happiness of individuals who commit to volunteering.

Here are just a few reasons to volunteer today:

  1. Volunteering has been linked with increased levels of happiness and decreased depression. A recent Huffington Post article, Volunteering Could Boost Happiness, Decrease Depression And Help You Live Longer: Study, written by Sara Kondrath, PhD, outlines new research into the topic of volunteerism, health, and happiness.
  2. People who volunteer report physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Doing Good is Good for You: 2013 Health and Volunteering Study reveals key benefits of volunteering that make a positive impact on people's health including feeling better mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  3. Volunteers help create and support healthy communities.


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