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Seven tips for a successful school year

It’s common for kids to start the school year strong and then slip into bad habits as the year progresses. My tips below can help set up your child for success if he or she struggles to:

  • prioritize
  • remember to hand in assignments
  • start and finish homework
  • stay organized

Use these seven steps to help boost your child’s success in school this year:

  • Use an assignment notebook and help your child get into the habit of checking it daily.
  • Color code class topics: all folders, notebooks and book covers should be in the same color.
  • Establish a routine time for homework or studying. Immediately after school works well, so your child has some free time later in the evening to wind down.
  • Establish a bedtime routine with no screen time one hour before bed.
  • Help your child break down larger assignments into smaller parts.
  • Make lists, with words or photos, to remind kids about:
    • morning tasks - post in their bedroom or bathroom to help your kids be as independent as possible in their morning routines.
    • the importance of eating a healthy breakfast
    • items they need to bring to school posted by the door you use to leave your house. When possible, make sure it goes in their backpack the night before.
    • things they need to bring home at the end of the day. Encourage your child to post the list in their locker or set up an alert on their devices.
  • Use technology, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, to remind kids of important tasks and to-dos.
    • the Revibe app gives a gentle vibration reminder for kids who get distracted or go off task easily
    • the Octopus by Joy is great for younger kids because it uses pictures reminders


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