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Below are some of our major programs. You can find services using the A to Z listings on this page.

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Brain injury rehabilitation 

Brain injury rehabilitation helps patients accomplish daily tasks and regain as much independence as possible.

Cancer rehabilitation   
Cancer rehabilitation addresses needs at each stage of treatment, helping patients cope with the effects of cancer and its treatment.
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Chronic pain 
Innovative chronic pain management services are available at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.
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Courage Kenny Kids

Courage Kenny Kids is a pediatric rehabilitation program for children who have medical conditions that interfere with development.

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Courage Kenny Spine Centers

Courage Kenny Spine Centers offer a personalized, physician-directed approach to spine problems along with access to a comprehensive array of quality, non-surgical services available at one location.

Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy

Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy is a network of clinics in the Twin Cities area that offers rehabilitation services.

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Spinal cord injury  
The rehabilitation team works with patients and their families to help each patient regain as much independence as possible.
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Stroke rehabilitation 
Stroke rehabilitation helps patients improve any functional impairments and, if necessary, learn new ways to accomplish familiar tasks.