Community Resource and Support Services

2023 Outcomes

When you experience a physical disability, brain injury, chronic health condition or mental health condition, it may affect your ability to live independently. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s Community Resources and Support Services offer training and support to help you:

  • manage housing, financial and transportation needs.
  • conduct daily tasks like grocery shopping and making meals.
  • take care of your health and household.

You will meet with a staff member on a regular basis. The session will be held in your home or another suitable location.

Services can strengthen your ability to:

  • find and connect to community services.
  • manage your health.
  • find affordable, accessible housing
  • stabilize your housing situation.
  • take care of your household
  • boost your interpersonal and communication skills.
  • enjoy leisure and recreation.
  • plan for meals, grocery shop and cook.
  • develop memory compensation strategies.
  • problem solve.
  • learn safety practices and self-defense.
  • manage your time.
  • access transportation resources.


In 2023, ILS specialists served 333 persons.

  • Sixty percent of people were female and 40% were male.
  • Ninety-seven percent of people spoke English as their primary language, 3% spoke a language other than English.









For more information about Community Resource and Support Services, please call 612-775-2235.