Transitional Rehabilitation Program outcomes

2022 outcomes 

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s Transitional Rehabilitation Program (TRP) is a personalized, holistic inpatient rehabilitation program. Our facility is a temporary residence for people who need significant rehabilitation. It provides a welcoming, healing environment that uses the latest technology, adaptive equipment and complementary medicine to help people move on to community living.


In 2022, the TRP served 157 persons.

  • 39% were female and 60% were male.
  • 95% spoke English as their primary language, 5% spoke a language other than English
TRP Age chart  

TRP demographic chart

TRP diagnoses chart


  •  In 2022, 93.3% of people rated their likelihood of recommending services as a 7 or higher on a 10-point scale. 


  • In 2022, 89% of people were discharged to the community.
  • On average, people stayed in the TRP for 82 days.  
TRP discharge chart 

For more information on outcomes, please call 612-775-2510. For more information on the Transitional Rehabilitation Program, please call 612-775-2837.