Behavioral Services outcomes

2018 Outcomes

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute offers community-based services to help adults and children with behavioral issues attain and maintain independence.  A comprehensive assessment of the person and their needs is conducted by a licensed mental health professional and an individualized behavior plan is developed. The program is implemented by a behavior analyst, who meets with the person and team members, most often on a weekly basis, in the community setting where behaviors occur.

Recommendations may include changes to the person’s physical environment, establishing structure or routine, ensuring consistency across environments, or introduction of specific reinforcement-based behavior programs.

The goal is to provide the person and those around them with tools to:

  • live successfully in the community
  • control behavior outbursts
  • increase socialization skills
  • increase participation and responsibility for self
  • improve focus and productivity
  • improve response to rehabilitation goals
  • improve interpersonal skills


In 2018, 178 persons were served by a Behavioral Services specialist.

  • 65% were male and 36% were female.
  • 97% spoke English as their primary language, 3% other various languages 

For information about the Behavioral Services program, please call 612-775-2204.

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