Aquatics wellness fitness outcomes

2017 outcomes

Aquatics, Fitness and Wellness services are offered at three Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute sites including Golden Valley, Stillwater and the Wasie Therapeutic Swimming Pool. We offer individual assessments for the pool and fitness center, and a variety of exercise services, including one-on-one exercise, fitness and pool classes, independent exercise, personal training, wellness, nutrition and weight loss, and community swim.  


In 2017, Aquatics, Fitness and Wellness served 3,665 persons.

  • Fifty-nine percent of people were female, 41% were male
2017 Race of persons served chart

Age of persons served in 2017 chart


Satisfaction – Golden Valley (GV), Stillwater, and Wasie sites

Satisfaction chart 1 from 2017

Satisfaction chart 2 for 2017

Outcomes –Golden Valley (GV) and Stillwater sites only

Outcomes chart for 2017

Secondary conditions

Persons were asked to indicate the number and severity of secondary conditions they have. Joint and muscle pain was the most commonly reported secondary condition,with 71% of total respondents reporting this condition. Next were arthritis (60%of respondents) and fatigue (68% of respondents).

Secondary conditions 2017 chart

For Aquatics, Wellness or Fitness program information, call 612-775-2594 (Golden Valley), 651-241-3820 (Stillwater), or 612 863-5238 (Wasie Therapeutic Swimming Pool - Minneapolis).