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Vocational Services Outcomes

2020 Outcomes

Vocational Services at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute help people prepare to live more independently in the community through finding competitive employment.

Every job seeker has unique abilities and interests. Our vocational experts will assist you to develop an individual vocational plan through vocational assessments and employment services.


In 2020, 100 people participated in vocational services.

  • 53% were female; 47% were male
  • 99% spoke English as their primary language
 2020 vocational services age chart

 2020 vocational services demographic chart 

The Vocational Services team also served 38 people in the Courage Kenny Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program.  

People are served through one or more of our services: Evaluation, Job Placement and Extended Employment. For people who found a job through Vocational Services the average starting salary ranged from $9.52 – $21.90 per hour. Through Extended Employment people had an average wage of $11.25 – $38.93 per hour. Average length of job retention is likely higher but we are not able to track people after they leave this service. Extended Employment persons served worked an average of 29.5 hours per week. Seventy-five percent of persons receiving services in our Extended Employment Program advanced in their job in one or more of the following areas: increased hours, wage or job duties.

2020 vocational services placement outcomes chart

2020 vocational services placement industry chart

2020 vocational services experience chart

  2020 vocational services client outcomes chart 

For more information on outcomes, call 612-775-2510. For more information about Vocational Rehabilitation Services, call 612-775-2569.