Adaptive sports and recreation outcomes

2018 outcomes

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s Sports and Recreation Department provides a wide range of adaptive sport and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities. Activities include lifetime sports such as hand cycling, golf, archery, downhill skiing and water skiing, as well as competitive team sports such as wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, power soccer and wheelchair softball. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s Sports and Recreation Department offers activities in the Twin Cities and Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin.

The advantages of sports and recreational activity are well documented and go beyond becoming more active in the community. Participation in adaptive sports for people with disabilities can provide positive physical, emotional and social benefits [i]. The health and well-being of children with disabilities can be positively impacted through sports and recreation opportunities as well. The benefits include physical strength, cardiovascular health, weight control and psychological health [ii].


In 2018, there were 652 participants in the adaptive sports and recreation programs offered by Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s Sports and Recreation Department.


  • Thirty-four percent of clients were female, and 66 percent were male.

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[i] Wilhite, B., & Shank, J. (2009). In praise of sport: Promoting sport participation as mechanism of health among persons with a disability. Disability and Health Journal, 2,116-127.

[ii] Wilson, P. E. (2002). Exercise and sports for children who have disabilities. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America, 13, 907-923.


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