Advanced Primary Care Clinic outcomes

2020 outcomes

Courage Kenny Advanced Primary Care Clinic demonstrates that excellent primary care can improve a person’s health and health care experiences, reduce hospitalizations, and lower health care costs. The Advanced Primary Care Clinic is a state-certified medical home where people are managed by a team of health care professionals. On average, people served have 79% fewer hospital days after enrolling in the clinic, and the average number of days spent in the hospital each year for each person drops from 10 days to 2 days.


  • In 2020, Courage Kenny Advanced Primary Care Clinic served 217 people.

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The outcomes measure used to determine the impact of the Advanced Primary Care Clinic on each person served includes:

  • Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS): Global Physical Health and Global Mental Health


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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute has a data-sharing agreement with the Minnesota Department of Human Services that allows for the tracking of hospitalizations and emergency department visits for the clinic’s Medicaid-insured people before and after their enrollment in the clinic.

Health care utilization data was collected for 135 Advanced Primary Care Clinic patients who have Minnesota Medicaid insurance. As of December 2020, the average hospitalization rate for this group was:

  • 10.2 days per year PRIOR to enrollment
  • 2.2 days per year AFTER enrollment

On average, people had fewer hospitalizations after enrolling in the clinic, indicating improved or maintained health or better access to their primary care team. The difference equates to a 79% reduction in hospital days or an estimated hospital cost savings of $929 per Medicaid or dually-eligible people per month, which totals almost $1.5 million for all Medicaid or dually-eligible people for the year.

For more information on outcomes, please call 612-775-2510. For more information about Courage Kenny Advanced Primary Care Clinic, please call 612-775-2600.