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Egal, MD

[MUSIC PLAYING] I was born in Saint Paul, and I was actually raised in the northern suburbs, Fridley and Coon Rapids. And so this patient population definitely is near and dear to my heart.

Last year, we started catching crappie again.

So after training, I knew I wanted to come back home. And my inspiration is definitely my mom, making my mom proud. So that’s why I’m here.

My name is Egal Gorse. I’m a Hematologist and Medical Oncologist with Allina Health Cancer Institute. And I practice out of Cambridge Medical Center. With my cancer medical oncology hat, I definitely see myself as a navigator, someone who navigates people through some of the most difficult times you’ll ever experience.

I’m right back where I [patient’s voice trails off]

Anytime I walk into a patient room, what I imagine is, if this was my mom, my dad, how I would want them treated.

Yeah. That’s what I appreciate about you, and that’s why I stay here.

I think that 90% of what I do is effective communication, being able to help someone else understand what their problem is and the potential solutions.

[INAUDIBLE talking in background] on time?

I think I will. I think I’m just starting out. [INAUDIBLE]

I am just starting out. This is my year-and-a-half anniversary of practice. And having the solid foundation that was here before me has definitely been a blessing. We have so many resources at our fingertips, so much ability--

[INAUDIBLE] that medication was on hold.



Now, I 100% would not be standing in front of you today if it were not for the efforts of my team. Really, the reasons why patients appreciate my care so much-- it’s a reflection on them. I love my team. I love what I do. I love taking care of patients. And that’s definitely why I’m here.


Natasha, Certified Nursing Assistant



It’s Natasha. Hi.

I love caring. It’s what I do best.

How are you?

When I go and give care, they look forward to seeing me. And that just brings joy to me.

I’m wonderful.

You look gorgeous.

Thank you ever so.

I can listen to the patient, while offering empathy to them and their family. That’s the reason that they pulled me to hospice. My name is Natasha Wizzard Panzironi. And I am a Certified Nursing Assistant with Allina Health.

It’s a privilege to be able to go to not only facilities but going into patients’ homes and providing care to them. I collaborate with the facility, with my nurses, and the team. I call it essential care, care that we do normally every day. And it seems to be nothing to us. But for them, it’s difficult, so bathing, feeding, helping them with some simple chores. Hospice specializes in not only physical care but emotional and spiritual support.

All right. So thank you so much.

Oh, you’re so welcome. Oh, your hands are cold.

I know. Cold hands--

--warm heart.

There we go.

I know.

There we go.

I’m doing what I love, so, to be honored and recognized for that, it’s just-- it means the world to me.


ICU Clinical Action Team

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re nurses from three different ICUs here at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. And we came together to see what we could do to empower the nurses to take ownership.

How can we make their job easier while also promoting the safety of our patients?

I’m Carole Wicklander, Assistant Head Nurse, and I work with nurses Leisha Cooper, Sarah Kuntz, Ashton Haake, and Kaela Kruse on the ICU Clinical Action Team at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

I think the biggest thing that we have done is actually collaborate with the bedside nurses.

I was just rounding on your patients--

--because they’re the ones who are on the floor working with the patients.

When we talk about the Foley catheters, we had a culture of relying on the doctors to really make the decisions. And really it’s a nurse-driven management protocol.

So we went around and interviewed our physicians about nurses taking this off your plate, and they were like, this is great.

We wanted to make sure that the nurses knew that they could be the ones to determine whether those Foley catheters could come out.

We’re going to have a Foley party.


When we were trying to think through creative and engaging ways to communicate different changes with our staff, we chose TikTok and Instagram and things like that. It’s a different way for them to learn.

They were very popular.

It’s really great as nurses to have something that we can own and be empowered to improve our patient care.

The result of all of us working together is that we have reduced infections. But we could not have done that without our coworkers being open to change.

Truly, we are a great team.

(SINGING) Make my day

Make my day

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