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Heidi, Athletic Trainer

We're going to go right into this exam room here.

I loved sports growing up. When I was in high school, I had actually gotten injured while playing volleyball. And my athletic trainer at the high school, who also worked in the clinic, she allowed me to shadow her. How far up are you able to go?

Once I started doing it and learning it and getting to do hands-on stuff, I just fell in love with it. I'm Heidi Duong. I'm the Lead Athletic Trainer and Concussion Care Navigator at Allina Health orthopedics.


A lot of people think that athletic trainers are personal trainers because they just use the word trainers. We are actually medical professionals that are licensed within Minnesota and other states as well for health care. I work alongside the providers, [INAUDIBLE]. Start with the exam as well.

Heidi said this was a little sore per her exam.

Athletic trainers are able to really narrow down what's truly going on so that the provider can strictly focus on the patient themselves while they're in the room. I've been with Allina for over 10 years now.

Thanks for pulling up the scan.

The relationships that I've made are what helps me to stay here. They are thinking that they would like to do surgery if it's an option today.


They've really built me up as a professional. I've helped advance them as professionals and we're able to advance the program as a whole.

We're a little concerned that you might have damage to this tendon.

I love, start to finish, the aspect of athletic training. And then we see them initially, they're really in pain and then they come back in and show us the improvements that they've been able to have because of the care that they've received. It really just warms my heart. We're making a difference.

Matt, Maintenance Engineer

When someone thinks about a hospital, they think about doctors and nurses. They don't think about maintenance guys, but we kind of keep the hospital on its feet. My name is Matt Oslund. I'm an operating engineer at Allina Health.

As an operating engineer, no two days are the same, so I could be knee deep in a plumbing situation and the next day I could be working on nurse calls.

What's going on?

It's important just to make sure that everything's running right. I mean, operating the boilers, nobody sees that. And you got to keep the pressures up for the sterilizers and the humidification and steam for the kitchen. We keep the heart of the hospital going.

So every two hours we're checking it.

I've always been very hands on person. Me being 22, they said, hey, get your special engineer's license, which is the boilers license that I needed to get in here. I got my license and I got in.

Great. We can talk to the guys about that.

Here at Allina, I'm working with pipefitters, electricians, plumbers. There's always someone here from a different trade than you that you can exchange knowledge with.


You can't see what we're doing, but we're always making a difference.

Pat, EMS Vehicle Fleet Manager

When your family member dials 911, you want somebody to show up in the fastest time possible. And you want them to get the quality care they need. That starts here with us. My name is Patrick Kalin. I'm the manager of the Allina system fleet, EMS logistics, and EMS facilities. We do engine work, your basic mechanical work on the vehicles, and we proactively find things that we need to repair. It's like a miniature doctor's office operating room in the back of these things. The monitors and the vents, we test them. We make sure everything is up to par. We've got a nice stretch of experience levels that really seems to help us.

And when a chassis has reached the end of its life, we actually do what's called a repower. We replace the engine, the transmission, and the powertrain, all the seat covers and the carpet and all that. So it's still got the same amount of miles on the odometer. But it looks and runs like a new vehicle.

Our highest mileage ambulance is 475,000-ish miles. I like to say it's a better product when it leaves here than when we bought it new. The quality that comes out of this building is top of the line.

The shop motto is "Make it safe." We have more of an emphasis on getting it done right than getting it done right now. That's really the number one priority around here. We take a lot of pride in that.

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