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Sarah, Director of Clinical Research

July 26 of 1993 at the age of 15, I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. And I underwent almost three years of treatment. That photograph is of the day that I finished chemotherapy.

I was really fortunate to have the care team. They not only changed my life, but they helped point me in the direction of my career. I am Sarah Pederson. And I'm the Director of Clinical Research for Allina Health. Hey, Patty.

Oh, hi.

As a survivor myself, I share my story, talk to our patients. We had heard about the study from a couple different sources. One of the most significant portions of our job is to select studies that we'll bring to Allina Health that are going to help our patients and then advocate for them.

Right now, I'm still being given time. And I love that.

It's really similar to how I treat my colleagues and our team. Good morning, guys. And to be able to be the advocate to really help them enjoy the job that they're coming to every day and really continue to grow. The attitudes that we bring to life and to our jobs every day, it inspires our patients.

This is Patch Adams. I volunteered at Children's soon after I finished my treatment. And I had the opportunity to meet Patch Adams and travel to Russia.

We would infect people with humor, laughter, love. And I learned gratitude is so important. One of my primary goals is to be able to share our gratitude and grow the positive culture within Allina Health.


Kerry, LPN

[MUSIC PLAYING] I put together a thing that I called the fun committee. I try to have four different kindness events a year. My favorite one of those is where I take shamrocks, and printed on them is, “I like to work with blank because of blank.”

And we fill up the whole break room with all these shamrocks that are thank yous from one staff member to another staff member.

Hi, I'm Kerry Bolks. I'm a nurse at Allina Health.

But I do have some that need some COVID vaccines.

My role at work as the lead in Apple Valley is to help everybody who has a problem with anything, any time. So I might have somebody come up and say, can you room a patient for me? Can you give an immunization for me? I'm happy to do it. Yes.

All right. You're going to be getting a tetanus shot today.

Whatever it takes to make our clinic work smoothly and offer the best service to our patients, I'm there to help you.

What's our schedule looking like?

And I really like the mentoring. I really like taking a brand new employee and showing them the ropes or the shortcuts. That way the patient doesn't have to wait for us at all. I mean, there are so many Allina sites I can walk into, and I recognize people, and they recognize me, and it's fun to catch up and see how they are and just see how much the organization has changed over the years.

And the one thing that I would like to emphasize--

Stay nice and relaxed.

I came to Allina for a job, but I stayed for 34 years because of all the opportunities I was given as an LPN.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

There's a lot of growth.

Nicole, Clinic Manager

My grandfather really inspired my work in health care. Not only was he a physician. He was my favorite person. I heard how much people appreciated the care he provided for patients and he adored his nurses. So when it came time to pick a profession, it just was really natural to go into nursing.

I'm Nicole Larson and I'm the Allina Health Lakeville Specialty Center Manager. I started out as a bedside nurse at Abbott Northwestern and I loved it. And I thought that's where I would be for my whole career. But it turns out that Allina offers great opportunities for the employees to grow.

And then we can rotate the tube like this.

So this role is really kind of a culmination for me of my clinical background and then my experiences in leadership.

It's so beautiful in this new building.

Any of the operational leaders will tell you we really kind of are the catchall. We are advocates for our staff. We work with our patients.

Yeah, let's take a look at the schedule.

I get to help Allina bring specialty services closely to our South Metro patients in urgent care, dermatology, orthopedics—11 services in all. And we partner with our primary care clinics in Lakeville as well. This is such a gift from me to bring resources and services into Lakeville, which is where I live, where my family lives, a community that we just love so much.

I really think of how my grandpa used to care for patients, and I try to bring a little piece of that with me in everything that I do, too. I think he'd be super happy and proud of me, and it makes me smile.


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