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Wade, MD



I'm Dr. Brennom. I'm the ER doctor.

I love working for Allina.

You've been feeling dizzy?


I love working at Abbott on a night shift. We see everybody. I'll do your physical exam, and then we'll see what we can find.


I think the most important thing to let people know is that I'm here to help you. My name is Wade Brennom. I'm an emergency room physician here at Allina Health.

So it was OK last night, not too crazy back there?

I've been doing night shifts for quite a few years. It started-- I had a child in middle school, and I struggled to make appointments and games, so it just worked better for me that I could work at night, and then I could make the concert or the game.

Everything we check looks good. And we'll get you going home.

All right. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Maybe I'm a little bit different because I like working at night. You tend to work together. You approach things in a more team-oriented way. The relationships are stronger.

He's awesome. Super.

I love Minnesotans. I understand them because I grew up in Minnesota. Abbott is not very far from where George Floyd was murdered. I drive by that every day. I hope that the people in this community and the people in the state realize that we're trying to improve things. We're a team that accepts everybody at any time.

Muy, Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

[MUSIC PLAYING] Good to have you here today on a morning. The role of the pharmacy technician is to provide the medications that patients need to get better. We do such important work to get those medicines in the right spot at the right time. My name is Muy Lair. I'm the pharmacy technician supervisor here at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

I am a first generation refugee. My parents came to America from Cambodia. My grandparents were our main caretakers since our parents were working all the time. And my grandpa got sick. And we didn't really understand how to navigate the health system. So I think early on, I knew I wanted to contribute to health care in some way. How that was going to happen, I was not sure.

So my high school counselor set me up with a couple of programs. And I really found my place in pharmacy technician. And that brings me here to today. I think it looks really good. You've done great. Allina has something special, a pharmacy technician program that is recognized by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. We are able to take technicians, bring them in with zero background, put them through our program, get them certified.

Yeah, perfect. So we're going to start up right now.

Yep, go ahead and start. If you have the passion, and you want to be in health care, and you want to take care of individuals, you now have a place where you can go and you have someone who can help you navigate that. I would like to help jump start that career for you. Mentoring, that's my passion.

Bill, Volunteer

I never sit down.

Hey, Bill.

How are you doing today?

Good, how are you?


I'm always walking.

Got a lab for you to bring down.

OK, thank you.

Thank you very much.

Yep. Sometimes you got more than one thing to do at once. Round the corner, out the door, upstairs. I don't think there's ever a day goes by I don't have at least 10,000 steps. Sometimes 15 up to 20,000. I'm Bill Friedland, I'm a volunteer at the Cambridge Medical Center. I was a television repairman for my whole life. When I retired my wife worked here, so I started volunteering. You need a wheelchair? I take samples down to the lab to get tested. I push people around in the wheelchair. And which clinic are you going to again?

I'm going to G.

G, OK. So you got to go upstairs then.

Bill, he's been with us for 16 years, and he's very dedicated to his job. He is pretty much a superstar in the hallways here at the hospital and in the clinic areas.

We'll see how fast we can get you there, right?

Probably my favorite part of volunteering is just meeting the people. I was very shy when I grew up, and now I talk. I'm just trying to make the people comfortable as they're getting wheeled down the hall.

Have a good one now.

All right, thank you, Bill, it was a pleasure to meet you.


Every day is different. Actually you're helping everybody, so, yeah. It's a fun job. Everybody should try it.

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New Ulm Medical Center is awarding several scholarships to students in Brown County who plan to pursue health care careers in their post-secondary education. Applications must be submitted by Monday, April 1, 2024.


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