Retired optician fixes students' eyeglasses for free

[WCCO, April 18, 2023] Retired optician-turned-volunteer Dave Schneiderhan has been fixing eyeglasses for students in Minneapolis and St. Paul for the last two years. Schneiderhan volunteers with Allina Health's Early Youth Eyecare (E.Y.E.) program. The E.Y.E. program provides services without any cost to the district or families.

"You know kids. They are absolutely adorable and they're just fun to work with," said Schneiderhan.

"Dave is a wizard. He is a magician with his hands, his skills," said Cheryle Atkin, supervisor of community programs at Allina Health. "I worked with Dave at Phillips Eye Institute closely and he always said when he retired, he wanted to come back and work for our program and volunteer. And, in fact, he did."

Ways to volunteer at Allina Health

Posted on April 18, 2023 in Phillips Eye Institute

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