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Ways to relieve stress over the holidays

During the holidays I do a number of things to fully embrace this fun time a year and not feel burnt out towards the end:  

  • Get outside daily: I LOVE the cold, crisp weather so I always try to find a way to get outside over the holidays—walking, running, skating, skiing, tossing the football around—generating endorphins through exercise is a great way to de-stress, exercising in colder temps actually burns more calories, and these activities are a great way to be active with your family! 
  • Focus on being intuitive in everything you do: If you are hungry—eat! If you feel like you need a nap—take it!  Being away from work and having time off is a great time to really tune into your body's needs, which reduces inflammation and stress.
  • Allow yourself to indulge in your favorite foods and traditions even if they are not considered conventionally "healthy": Part of good health is fueling your emotional and social needs as well. Give yourself some grace with your food during this time of year so you can be fully present for the things that matter during this season, like family!

Personally, I find it very therapeutic to decorate and bake for the holidays—but for others this could generate stress. Recognize the activities that personally create anxiety for you and try to find ways to delegate them to others, so you can focus on other tasks that actually bring you joy!


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