Young woman celebrating Leap Day by climbing an indoor climbing wall.


29 things to do on Leap Day

Every four years, because our days aren’t exactly 24 hours long, we add an extra day in February, just to get caught up. To celebrate, the Healthy Set Go team thought of 29 fun ways to spend that extra day.

Get physical

  1. Take a Leap day hike
  2. Go skating
  3. Go rock climbing
  4. Watch Frozen with your kids and then go outside and build a snowman
  5. Go snowshoeing


    Get smarter

  6. Go to a museum
  7. Read a book
  8. Watch a documentary on TV
  9. Sign up for a class
  10. Go to the zoo and read a new fact you didn’t know before


    Be kinder

  11. Go through a drive-in window at the coffee shop and pay for the person behind you.
  12. Volunteer
  13. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
  14. Do something kind for someone


    Get creative

  15. Visit the Cabin fever craft and vendor show in Hudson, Wisc.
  16. Try a new recipe
  17. Throw a dinner party
  18. Color in a coloring book
  19. Write a short story or poem and read it out loud to someone


    Improve your mental health

  20. Make a leap year resolution
  21. Mediate
  22. Stay in your pajamas all day
  23. Take a nap
  24. Clean out that medicine cabinet and get rid of old medications


    Enjoy life

  25. Try a new restaurant
  26. Visit a beer pub
  27. Visit a winery
  28. Play a board game with your family or friends
  29. Sing karaoke



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