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Aging parents: What is normal memory loss and when should we be concerned?

You may have noticed your parent is forgetting things or repeating the same story. As we age, it's normal to be somewhat forgetful, but aging doesn't lead to dramatic memory loss. Such memory loss is often due to other causes.

How can you tell if the changes you're seeing in your parent are part of the normal aging process or if it's a symptom of something more serious? Gail Risse, PhD, explains what to look for and the steps you can take to get your loved one the help they may need.

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TY for exercising. Love, your brain

As a neurologist, I prescribe exercise to patients because it is the most universal medicine for anything that ails you. It helps regulate your body functions (glucose, insulin, blood pressure), and it helps your body physically move better (muscles, joints, bones). But what you may not know is, exercise can have dramatically positive impacts on your brain as well.

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