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Feel the winter calorie burn

Love winter sports? You're not alone. Millions of people enjoy skiing, skating, sledding and just having fun in the snow. Winter activities are also a good way to stay in shape. See how many calories you can burn being active this winter.

Calories burned are estimated for a 150-pound person at moderate intensity. Amount of calories burned will vary by weight and intensity.

winter exercises to burn calories

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This infographic shows that you burn 576 calories per hour cross country skiing, 576 calories per hour snowshoeing, 549 calories per hour playing hockey, 500 calories per hour ice skating, 468 calories per hour sledding, 430 calories per hour snowboarding, 430 calories per hour downhill skiing, 400 calories per hour snow shoveling, 270 calories per hour curling, 170 calories per hour walking, 170 calories per hour snowmobiling, 68 calories per hour ice fishing. These estimates of calories burned per hour are based on a 150-pound person doing these activities at a moderate pace, so amount of calories burned will vary by weight and intensity.


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