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Black Friday Workout

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Snag the best deals for your holiday shopping and work off those Thanksgiving feast calories.

  • Speed walk: Whenever you see that great deal ahead, turn up the power and speed walk or jog to get there (first). Just make sure you don't know anyone out of the way.
  • Calf raises: Found the perfect kitchen gadget? Rise to your tiptoes and hold while taking a closer look. Repeat several times (or until you've made up your mind).
  • Squats: Don't bend over to get a better look at those cute shoes, squat. When the shoes are at about eye level, hold the pose and get a better look. Stand up and repeat.
  • Biceps curls: Use the weight in your shopping bags as resistance to do bicep curls as you walk from store to store. Don't forget to switch arms.
  • Lunge: It is inevitable: a pile of discarded merchandise on the floor and in your way. Help the store employees by doing a lunge to pick up the items. Repeat with both legs.
  • Arm dips: Before you take a load off, use the chair or bench to do dips. Lower yourself to sitting, hold front of seat on each side and slide your butt off the front. With legs out in front, dip up and down.
  • Plyometric jumps: Can't reach that purse or pair of jeans on the top shelf? Crouch down to a half squat, jump and reach out to grab the item. Not as cute as you thought? Jump again to return it to the shelf.
  • Wall sit: When the checkout line brings you near a wall, spend some time doing a wall sit. Place your back against the wall and slide down so your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Hold until the line moves.
  • Tree pose: Another exercise for the checkout line is the tree pose (it won't even look that weird). Stand on one leg and bring the other leg up so your foot rests on the side of your knee. Stay in the pose for as long as you can then switch to the other leg.


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