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Infectious disease specialist explains the COVID-19 FLiRT variant

[KSTP-TV News, May 21, 2024] The latest COVID-19 variant has been nicknamed FLiRT. With the number of cases on the rise, KSTP-TV reporter Callan Gray interviewed Frank Rhame, MD, an infectious disease specialist with Allina Health. She asked him what, if anything, makes this variant different from the previous one.


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[Allina Health Newsroom, March 01, 2024]   When Chris Rodriguez felt the pangs of a stomachache and constipation in 2023, he went to the doctor out of an abundance of caution. At 35 years old, he had no idea that months later he would be diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
March 01, 2024
[WCCO Radio, March 01, 2024]   Minneapolis landed in the top 10 of America’s loneliest cities, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. WCCO Radio wanted to know why. So, they turned to Allina Health psychologist David Nathan, PsyD LP for some answers.
March 01, 2024
[WCCO-TV News, February 27, 2024]   Allina Health pulmonologist Andrew Stiehm, MD helped WCCO-TV answer a viewer question about what happens when food and drink go down the "wrong pipe."
February 27, 2024
[Targeted Oncology, February 27, 2024]   Targeted Oncology featured groundbreaking cancer research happening at Allina Health Cancer Institute in partnership with Astrin Biosciences.
February 27, 2024
[KMSP-TV Fox 9 News, February 19, 2024]   Mario Goessl, MD, PhD of Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute wants people to pay attention to their hearts. He joined the co-founder of Rock from the Heart to discuss heart health.
February 19, 2024
[WCCO-TV News, February 19, 2024]   Nishtha Sodhi, MD, FACC, the director of the Structural Heart and Valve Program at Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute, teamed up with a nonprofit organization called Rock from the Heart to spread the word about valvular heart disease.
February 19, 2024
[Allina Health Newsroom, February 16, 2024]   Kim Whitehead has worked for Allina Health for 20 years. To her teammates at the Allina Health Cottage Grove Clinic, she is the heart and soul of the place.
February 16, 2024
[Allina Health Newsroom, February 08, 2024]   A member of Allina Health’s maintenance and operation’s team went into cardiac arrest on the job. Because of the quick action of his coworkers, he is alive today.
February 08, 2024
[Allina Health Newsroom, February 07, 2024]   If you spend time at Cambridge Medical Center, you’ll likely run into Bill Friedland – or maybe he’ll breeze past you. Bill is an on-the-go volunteer who racks up thousands of steps with each shift and makes a real difference for Allina Health providers and patients.
February 07, 2024
[WCCO-TV News, February 06, 2024]   Allina Health psychologist David Nathan, PsyD LP says parenting is the most difficult thing we do as adults. Parents are constantly searching for ways to be the best parent possible. For those who have turned to social media, they may have seen the latest debate over something called gentle parenting.
February 06, 2024