Archives for July 2024

[WCCO-TV News, July 22, 2024]   Allina Health dermatologist Elizabeth Farhat, MD helped WCCO-TV with its Good Question Segment. Viewers wanted to know the best way to treat sunburn.
July 22, 2024
[WCCO-TV News, July 22, 2024]   Nedaa Skeik, MD, FACC is a vascular medicine specialist with Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute. He sat down for an interview with WCCO-TV to explain what compression socks are and how they work.
July 22, 2024
[WCCO Radio, July 21, 2024]   Mario Goessl, MD, PhD joined WCCO Radio’s Health Hour to talk all things heart.
July 21, 2024
[KSTP-TV News, July 20, 2024]   Players from across the Midwest participated in the third annual Jerry Anderson Memorial Tournament in Brooklyn Park.
July 20, 2024
[Allina Health Newsroom, July 18, 2024]   New Ulm Medical Center recently completed a course for community members to become trained as emergency management technicians (EMT). Allina Health New Ulm Medical Center, in partnership with Hobart and Charlotte Anderson Estate and others, offered scholarships to 27 people from nine communities in south central Minnesota.
July 18, 2024
[WCCO-TV News, July 15, 2024]   When a viewer reached out to a local television station's Good Question segment to ask why the funny bone isn’t so funny, the reporter called Allina Health to find an expert. L. Pearce McCarty, III, MD explains what the funny bone is, what it isn't and why there's so much pain when you hit that area of the elbow.
July 15, 2024
[WCCO Radio, July 14, 2024]   Indy Lane, MD, Allina Health’s new vice president of Women’s Health, joined WCCO Radio's Health Hour discuss all thing women's health. She touched on everything from mammograms to bladder issues.
July 14, 2024
[WCCO-TV News, July 09, 2024]   Allina Health EMS and Hennepin EMS joined forces to create the first Collaboration with Cake, an event geared toward building connection amongst EMS departments across the state.
July 09, 2024
[WCCO Radio, July 07, 2024]   David Nathan, PsyD, LP, a psychologist with Allina Health, spent an hour talking about teens, their mental health and the impact of social media.
July 07, 2024
[Busy Living Sober, July 01, 2024]   Chaplain Michael Le Buhn is a spiritual care manager at Allina Health. He uses his training as a chaplain, experiences as a veteran and his journey of sobriety to help provide exceptional care to Allina Health patients.
July 01, 2024