Class of 2027

Maura Benson

Maura Benson, DO

Maura Benson, DO, was born and raised in Salem Massachusetts, slightly north of Boston and home of the witches. While there are many things to love about growing up in Salem – spooky Halloweens, great sports...

teams (at least at the time), and delicious seafood – her favorite part of living in Massachusetts was the ocean. Though she does miss the Atlantic, she is ready to trade it in for over 10,000 lakes!

Maura’s first interest in the medical field was inspired by growing up with an autistic and non-verbal sister. Her curiosity about genes led her to study Biology with a minor in Spanish at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She originally was interested in a career in research and even worked in a zebrafish lab for some time in undergrad. However, she discovered her true passion lies in helping others through with direct social connection through working as both a general chemistry course TA and as a CNA at a nursing home.

After graduating from UMass in 2018, Maura moved to Boston and worked as a Research Assistant in infectious diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She worked on many clinical research projects collaborating with other academic institutions in Boston to help advance diagnostic technology for bacterial infections. During her time in infectious diseases, she learned not only about different pathogens, but also how much social determinants of health and epidemiology played a role in infectious diseases as well as medicine in general, which initially sparked her interest in primary care.

In 2020, smack in the middle of a pandemic, she headed west to go to medical school at Des Moines University in Iowa. While moving to an entirely new region of the country during a global pandemic had its challenges, she slowly but surely found herself immersed in midwestern culture. Through her time in the Midwest, she has learned to love a good farmer’s market, the enthusiasm surrounding college football culture and saying “ope”. By making new friends and growing roots in the Midwest, she realized how important community was to her. She enjoyed working with other medical students through mentoring opportunities such as TAing or leading a stress management group. Her love for primary care continued to grow during her clinical rotations in medical school where she did her first Family Medicine rotation in Northwestern Iowa. She was incredibly impressed with her preceptor’s breadth of knowledge and their relationships with their patients and knew then it was the specialty for her. She is passionate about nutrition, exercise, mental health, and community being pillars of a healthy lifestyle and is excited to help others become their healthiest selves.

Maura is excited to be moving north and joining the United Family Medicine family! During her free time she enjoys trying new restaurants (she is very excited about the food scene up in Minneapolis), exercising, reading and spending time with her friends and family.

Kyra Kaczmarczik

Kyra Kaczmarczik, MD

Kyra was born in the land of 10,000 lakes and "you betchas,” Saint Paul, Minnesota. At seven years old, Kyra and her family packed their bags and moved to Brussels, Belgium. After a few years...

living in Belgium, Kyra and her family returned to Minnesota, where the winters are cold but the hot dish is hot. After high school, Kyra attended Macalester College, where she majored in Biology and minored in Asian Studies. Post-graduation, Kyra moved to Shanghai, China. Armed with her degree and a can-do attitude, she spent a year soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the bustling metropolis, and even managed to perfect her chopstick skills. The call of the North Star was strong, however, and Kyra returned home. Upon returning to Minnesota, she worked in clinical research and worked as a scribe in the emergency room. While working, Kyra also volunteered as an immigration case aide, helping folks navigate the choppy waters of paperwork and bureaucracy, as well as lent her time to various organizations championing reproductive justice. Kyra is as passionate about primary care as she is about tater tot hotdish, and she's thrilled to join the United Family Medicine Residency Program. In her downtime, Kyra can be found exploring the Twin Cities, hunting down the latest and greatest restaurants. When not chowing down, Kyra can be found exploring the latest art exhibits, trying out new recipes, reading or hitting the trails for a hike with her pup. And if you ever need a cozy scarf or a pair of mittens, just ask—she loves to knit, too.

Sarah Reichhoff

Sarah Reichhoff, MD

Sarah Reichhoff, MD learned to swim, skate, and ski shortly after she learned to walk. Born and raised in Duluth, MN, Sarah was an active and outdoorsy child with a wild imagination. She is...

the oldest of three children and was often found exploring the lakes and woods of northern Minnesota alongside siblings, friends, and cousins. Once in school, her numerous extracurriculars ranged from piano to soccer to cross-country running, to volunteering at her local hospital.

Her experience volunteering, alongside her love of learning new things, especially the sciences, led her to pursue a bachelor of science in Biology from the University of St. Thomas, with a plan to enter the healthcare field. After spending three years as a Tommie she returned to Duluth with a new degree and an expanded worldview. She knew her calling was in the medical field but wanted to gain more time and experience before committing to a lifetime of long hours and service to her patients.

She first worked at a skilled nursing facility, forming close bonds with the residents and becoming a preceptor for other nursing assistants. This experience illustrated for her the joy found in building longitudinal relationships with patients, and the benefits that continuous care throughout the lifespan has for everyone. During her three years as a nursing assistant she also picked up a second job as a medical scribe, which gave her a front-row view of the day-to-day role of physicians. Instead of being scared away by the hours of charting, this job reinvigorated her desire to become a doctor and she knew it was time to apply to medical school.

Sarah started medical school at the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth Campus in 2020, which had been her dream as an aspiring family medicine physician. Her love for the specialty was encouraged and expanded through preceptorships in Cloquet, Virginia, and Grand Rapids, MN and she knew she had made the right choice. During medical school she also chaired a wellbeing committee, volunteered, and participated in research.

When looking into family medicine residencies, United Family Medicine drew Sarah’s attention due to its focus on community engagement and expertise in her plentiful professional interests within the broad scope of family medicine. When not in the hospital you can find Sarah running, reading, cooking, and exploring new places - both locally and through travel. Sarah recently bought her first home with her husband, Blake, and together they enjoy taking walks and snuggling their sweet golden retriever, Ruby (Rhubarb!).

Madison Snyder

Madison Snyder, MD

Madison Snyder, MD is a self-proclaimed ‘maximalist’ who enjoys wearing fun accessories, being goofy, and filling her home with fun trinkets. She enjoys numerous board games, any craft that...

you can think of, cooking new dishes, and snuggling her cat, Boo Harriet.

Madison grew up in a tiny little town located in central Minnesota called Sebeka. Most people don’t know where that is, but those who do know state that they think they might have driven through it at some point on the way to their family’s cabin. She attended a K-12 school, and knew her 28 classmates, their siblings, their parents -- probably their grandparents -- extremely well. Madison’s classmates knew her as a huge nerd at this time of her life and she was often found with her nose in a book. Madison was also extremely involved in her community as a high schooler and was even crowned 1st Princes of Nimrod 2014 – yes, that is a real title for a nearby town.

She then attended North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. (Go Bison!) At this time of her life, Fargo was considered ‘the big city’ to her. Never before had she lived in a town that boasted one-ways (or even a stoplight). Roundabouts were completely new to her, and she was excited to live somewhere with new opportunities and new friends to be made.

Madison knew she wanted to go into medicine from a very young age, and this was reaffirmed when she worked as a direct support professional for adults and children who have mental and physical disabilities. She loved working with her clients, their families, and their support teams daily to make sure that their needs were met. She saw firsthand how families and communities were integral to her clients’ health and wellbeing and was inspired to be part of care teams as a family medicine doctor.

During this time, she also worked as an America Reads Tutor at a local elementary school. Though this had its own challenges, she recognized how empowering education was and connected this again to her future career plan as a physician – she loves patient education and making sure that her patients and healthcare team are all on the same page during every interaction.

Next, Madison chose to attend University of Minnesota-Duluth Medical School for their commitments to Family Medicine and to serving communities like the one she grew up in. It was during this time that she decided to go on exactly ONE date before committing to her medical studies. She is now engaged to that date, Michael, and they share a beautiful cat, Boo Harriet.

Now, she is so excited to be part of United Family Medicine Residency. She cannot wait to be involved in the community and to learn alongside some amazing colleagues. She hopes that they can have some spare time to play at least a few board games together- or at least enough time to marvel over her latest and greatest photos of Boo.

Bethany Westphal

Bethany Westphal, MD

Beth Westphal, MD, was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and grew up in the neighboring town of Menomonie. Football was her hometown’s pride and joy, with the whole town showing up...

to the high school football games. Beth, however, was drawn to the nerdier things in life – band (percussion/piano), Academic Decathlon, and Science Olympiad (her Protein Modeling team even competed nationally!). She also was in track (pole vault) and the swim team for a few years. She was in 4-H for many years, and grew up with cats, dogs, rabbits, and chickens. The daughter of a family medicine physician, she was always asked if she wanted to be a doctor like her mother when she grew up. The resounding answer was no – after all, who wants to be just like their mom? (Obviously now we see that things have come back full circle, but Beth sure wouldn’t have guessed it at the time.)

When college rolled around, Beth chose to go to St. Olaf in Northfield, MN for their strong science curriculum and a well-rounded liberal arts education. While she did not formally take advantage of their renowned music education, she did keep up her piano skills by volunteering at a nearby Long Term Care center and playing for the elderly residents. Her decision to go into medicine took a while, and was the culmination of several factors. First, she found out that her major (Chemistry with a neuroscience concentration) was cool, but she didn’t much like research or lab work. She did, however, like working with people, especially in health-related settings. She did a bunch of shadowing and a few internships and figured out that, despite her mom being a doctor, medicine was actually pretty cool and fit her goals and personality. During her last year of college, Beth spent a month in India studying religion. This experience was eye-opening on many levels, and piqued her interest in global medicine and health disparities as well.

After college, Beth decided that she needed a year away from the academic setting to get a real job and gain more healthcare experience while applying to medical school. She spent the year working at a dermatology clinic in Faribault, MN. She learned a lot about dermatology, working with patients, and got many free skincare samples as a bonus. After her year “off”, Beth went to medical school at the University of Minnesota, right in the middle of a pandemic. She overcame the isolation and stress of going through the first two years of medical school mostly online by becoming involved in her community. She started volunteering at a mobile health clinic, providing free health screenings and vaccinations to underserved communities in and around Minneapolis. She also volunteered at the science museum, teaching kids and their families about the human body. She was drawn to family medicine because she really wanted to do it all, as cliché as that sounds – take care of kids, adults, and elderly patients, deliver babies, do office procedures, and focus on community health, especially in rural areas. She even spent a couple weeks doing a rural rotation in Canby, MN (a town of less than 2,000) and absolutely loved it.

Beth is thrilled to be joining the amazing group of people at United Family Medicine. She is excited to pursue her many interests within family medicine, and to learn how to meet the needs of her community. Outside of medicine, Beth enjoys running, and someday hopes to have the time to train for a marathon. She also likes to bake (to balance out the running), play board games with her fiancé Dylan, hang out with cats, read, and explore local coffee shops and breweries.

Tatum Williams

Tatum Williams, MD

Tatum Williams, MD is new to living in a big city, but is eager for the opportunity to embrace a new community. She was born and raised in a small town called Staples, which is located...

in central MN. Tatum has always enjoyed being sociable and part of her community. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is always up to do something fun or for getting a sweet treat.

Tatum went to college in Jamestown, ND, where she participated in band. Tatum was also a teacher’s assistant and finds joy in helping others understand complex topics.

Following undergrad, she started medical school at the U of M Duluth Campus. For Tatum's 3rd year of medical school, she did her clinical rotations in Princeton, MN where she got a taste of her future career goals of being a family medicine doctor who is enveloped in her community.

Describing herself as “outsidey not outdoorsy”, Tatum enjoys her spare time in the sunshine with her friends and family. She is deeply invested in her friendships and values genuine connection in both her personal and professional relationships.

 Tatum strives to be a primary care physician that empowers her patients and advocates for their care. She has special interests in reproductive healthcare, mental health, and caring for families as a whole. Tatum is excited for a career of life-long learning alongside her patients.

Tatum currently lives in S. Paul alongside her spunky cat, Celsius, who enjoys watching birds from her window perch while Tatum spends long hours at the hospital.

Morgan Zander

Morgan Zander, MD

Morgan Zander was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota. Growing up with two older brothers in the northern reaches of this great country allowed for several unique...

competitive opportunities: who could last longest doing shirtless snow angels, who would be the last man standing on Walmart’s snow pile (highest peak in the state), and, as true North Dakotans, who could reel in the largest walleye. With the fervor of a young brother trying desperately to outdo his siblings, Morgan always bested his older brothers (at least, never conceded defeat). His unwavering will and competitive edge led to success in other areas as a mathlete, amateur botanist, and JV cross country runner in high school.

Morgan went on to study biological sciences at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, earning degrees in biochemistry and genetics. In an attempt to understand the origins of life, he (mistakenly) sought to uncover the meaning of life. After painstakingly memorizing the central dogma of molecular biology, then listening to a song by the Indigo Girls, he decided to change tack. He joined a band, made some friends, traveled abroad, and met a lovely woman he would marry after several years of friendship. Their two dogs, Zoe and Koko, would provide more answers than the central dogma could.

On this path of self-discovery, Morgan worked as a medical scribe at North Memorial Medical Center emergency department in Robbinsdale, MN, where he became fascinated with medicine. He attended medical school at the University of North Dakota where his interest in providing comprehensive care for patients led him to family medicine residency. He will start at United Family Medicine Residency Program this Summer.

During his free time, Morgan can be found wandering local parks, searching online for trout streams, or haggling down the price for plants at Home Depot. He enjoys going to shows, playing music, and cooking food for good company. Morgan also enjoys adaptive sports and looks forward to wheelchair basketball in the Twin Cities.