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Contact: Joy Gray, Program Manager 
United Family Medicine Residency Program 
Graduate Medical Education Offices 
Peter J. King Family Health Center 
1026 West 7th Street 
St. Paul, MN 55102 
651-241-1116 fax

Compensation and benefits


We provide a one-to two-week orientation period at the end of June prior to starting the clinical work of the first year. This time serves as an introduction and beginning of community building between faculty and residents. We also have our incoming residents get to know United Hospital, the clinic and its support team, as well as the community. Part of this time is used to certify or re-certify incoming residents in BLS/ACLS and NRP.

Resident stress

We are committed to helping residents continue to balance their lives. This includes their commitment to their profession, as well as commitment to self and family well-being. To this end, we have developed the following areas of support :

  • Quarterly meetings with faculty advisers (mentors); these may be held more frequently based on need
  • Monthly support group, facilitated by a professional
  • Periodic faculty/resident retreats and social gatherings


Residents are given three weeks of vacation per academic year. Year one has one week taken within the family medicine rotation. The additional weeks are allowed during other rotations.

Reduced time schedule

We are unable to offer part-time positions. We do, however, offer family leave consistent with federal guidelines.

Salaries for academic year 2018-2019

First Year:$54,669    
Second Year: $56,351
Third Year: $58,290


Second and third year residents may moonlight, providing it does not interfere with their primary residency work. Moonlighting is available within the Allina Health system, allowing for persons to become familiar with post-training opportunities. It also allows for some supervision that enhances the educational component of the process and allows formal feedback to occur. Moonlighting outside of the organization is not covered by the Allina Health malpractice insurance.


Each resident receives full coverage in the following areas:

  • Health Insurance: Family coverage to zero deductible in the Allina Health system of care
  • Dental Insurance: Family coverage within a dental maintenance organization
  • Life Insurance: 3x yearly salary for self with option to purchase extra for self, spouse, and dependent
  • Short Term Disability: 60% of salary provided
  • Long Term Disability: 60% of salary provided
  • Pension Account Plan: May participate after one year of employment
  • Matched Savings Plan: May participate after one year of employment
  • Malpractice Coverage: Full coverage within Allina Health
  • Family Leave: Provided as required by law
  • Child Care: Dependent child day care, pre-tax dollar allowance to $5,000 per resident family per year
  • Employee Assistance Program

Additional benefits

  • CME Time: five days per year, Funds: $1,000
  • Pre-tax Reimbursement Program
  • Licensure Fees paid by program: Resident Permit, Step 3, Minnesota Licensure (prorated), DEA
  • Dues paid: Minnesota Academy of Family Practice and American Academy of Family Practice
  • Up to $350 reimbursement for cellular phone
  • $50 monthly cellular phone supplementation for cellular phone usage
  • Three monogrammed lab coats per resident and laundry services
  • Heptavax vaccination at no charge
  • Parking at clinics and hospitals at no charge
  • Rural in-state rotation mileage reimbursement
  • Comfortable call quarters
  • Meals while on-call and at noon conferences
  • Research facility and search service through Boeckmann Library at United Hospital
  • Discounted event tickets