Inpatient rotation

Located at United Hospital

Length: Four weeks, or call to negotiate length of rotation
Location: United Hospital
Offered: Call for schedule availability
Limit: One student per session
Course Director: Joel Giffin, DO
Contact: Joel Giffin, DO

Report first day

Arranged, call contact person.

This experience is intended for students interested in Family Medicine as a career, or for medical students seeking an inpatient experience with a broad-spectrum of patient care. The medical student will participate in inpatient care at United Hospital as a member of the Family Medicine Residency Inpatient Service team. Educational components include direct patient care, morning report, lectures, and group discussions.

Goals and objectives

This rotations provides opportunities for students to participate in inpatient service care.

Upon completion in the care of the outpatient, the medical student will be able to:

  • Take a history, perform the physical exam, and interpret and integrate lab results in the care of the hospitalized patient.
  • Identify patient problems, develop a differential diagnosis, and formulate a management plan.
  • Enter daily orders and progress notes in the electronic health record.
  • Understand the role of the Family Physician in the coordination of care of hospitalized patients and the collaborating with consultants and other medical professionals in the care of patients in the hospital.
  • List criteria for appropriate admission of a patient to the hospital, and to understand alternatives to acute inpatient care.
  • Understand the multidisciplinary nature of inpatient care and the importance of working with the many members of the health care team.
  • Understand the complexity of discharge planning and how the psychosocial context of the patient impacts processes.
  • Become familiar with and become comfortable with end-of-life issues including advanced directives, decisions about limiting or withdrawing care, and discussing these issues with a patient’s family members.
  • Understand and demonstrate how to use point of care resources for self-directed learning applied to patient care.
  • Understand the importance of peer education in the care of patients and participation in those efforts
  • Understand the approach to caring for patients in the Rehab Unit (TCU) and Psychiatry Unit and when these settings become the most appropriate for the continued care of the patients in the hospital.


Formative feedback about performance will be provided by the faculty and Chief Resident. Final summative evaluations are completed at the end of the rotation based on composite feedback from faculty and residents.


Students should contact the residency program at least four months prior to the start of the requested rotation period.

Other information

  • Hospital parking provided to medical student.
  • Medical student to wear medical school identification/name tag while on rotation.
  • Medical student to wear lab coat while on rotation at United Hospital.