Mission Statement, History and Aims

UFMR mission photo

Our mission is To Serve & To Teach. We strive to meet the needs of the residents of Saint Paul, Minnesota and beyond, delivering high quality, comprehensive care to people of all income levels and focusing on meeting the needs of the medically uninsured, underinsured, and underserved members of our community. 


Residency Program History

Our history of providing health care to the city’s neediest citizens extends back almost 70 years, when The Wilder Clinic, our predecessor, first offered free and low-cost health care at Miller Hospital. While health care resources and delivery have evolved in our community, our mission of providing comprehensive, community-oriented care remains firmly in place. Our current clinic, United Family Physicians, allows us to continue expanding our longstanding, deep-rooted commitment to our patients and the West 7th Community we serve. We are experiencing the benefits of being just around the block from United Hospital, our core teaching site and contributing to the vitality of a core area of Saint Paul. Our patients benefit from free parking, proximity to the bus lines and easy access to hospital and other Allina Health services.


Program Aims

  • To foster an environment in which residents develop the capacity to thrive in their professional and personal lives
  • To educate residents to assess, respond to and to meet the needs of the community they serve
  • To guide, support and mentor residents to partner with diverse, underserved persons and populations
  • To prepare, train and guide residents to deliver the full-spectrum of Family Medicine in a changing environment, in which they are leaders

ARCH (Anti-Racist, Cultural Humility) Task Force

The ARCH Task Force was founded in 2020 by residents and faculty with a clear purpose and goal to become anti-racist in our patient care, our work culture and our educational culture.  A major stimulus in creation of the ARCH Task Force was the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and to align with White Coats for Black Lives missions and goals.