Mission statement and aims

UFMR mission photo

To Serve & To Teach

Our residency program’s mission is To Serve & To Teach.  Continuing our 70-year-old mission, we strive to meet the needs of the medically uninsured, underinsured and underserved residents of Saint Paul, Minnesota and beyond, serving people of all income levels. 

Our history of providing health care to the city’s citizens most in need began in the 1930’s when Wilder Clinic, our predecessor, first offered free and low-cost health care at Miller Hospital. 

In 1972, when Miller Hospital and Saint Luke’s Hospital merged and became United Hospital, the Miller Outpatient Department (MOD) Clinic continued to provide care for elders and pregnant women. In 1992, the Helping Hand Health Center, with its vision to serve those facing economic hardship and those without access to adequate health services, merged with the MOD Clinic to form the United Family Practice Health Center.

In 1993, we began the United Family Medicine Residency Program, thereby endorsing our goals ‘To Serve & To Teach’. Our community-oriented primary care program offers our medical residents quality experiences while improving the health of our patients and the broader community.

The United Family Practice Health Center operated under the umbrella of United Hospital and within the Allina Health System until 2004, when we earned our status as a freestanding Federally Qualified Health Center look-alike (FQHC-la) and as a full FQHC in 2012.  Although United Family Medicine has changed locations and affiliations over the past 70 years, we have retained our mission to promote access to comprehensive, patient-centered primary health care among low income and medically underserved Saint Paul residents and beyond, embracing our neighbors of all races, cultures, ethnicities and income levels.

In 2020 we have experienced many changes due to COVID.19. Every change, whether it be big or small, brings opportunities into our lives. An opportunity that we are excited to share are that plans are underway to locate to a new practice and training site in our West Seventh Community of St. Paul to continue and expand upon our longstanding, deep-rooted commitment to our patients and the community we serve. Our residents and faculty will now be around the block from our core teaching site, United Hospital. We look forward to updating you about our move.

Same people. Same mission. Same Vision. Same Heart.
A new address in the West 7th neighborhood.

As we moved into our new facility, it will allow us to expand our services, meet the health-care demands of our growing community and contribute to the vitality of a core area of Saint Paul and provide an excellent work environment for our staff.

Program aims

Program aims are now a part of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education’s (ACGME) review of residency programs.  Aims offer framework that differentiate the United Family Medicine Residency from other programs, as well as focusing on faculty, resident and institutional leadership’s vision and expectations for the program. 

  • To foster an environment in which residents develop capacity to thrive in their professional and personal lives
  • To educate residents to assess, respond and to serve the needs of the community they serve
  • To guide, support and mentor residents to partner with diverse, underserved persons and populations
  • To prepare, train and guide residents to deliver the full-spectrum of Family Medicine in a changing environment, in which they are leaders