About the director

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"It continues to be a privilege to be a family physician. I operate from the philosophy of treating each person and their community with the utmost respect." Kathleen Macken, MD

Kathleen Macken, MD, leads the residency program. Her experience in family medicine includes more than 31 years of Family Medicine practice with a strong interest in family-centered perinatal care and Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC). She has more than 30 years of Family Medicine faculty experience, both at the residency and undergraduate medical education levels. Dr. Macken has always practiced in community health clinics.

Teaming up with Dr. Macken is a group of passionate and dedicated faculty members from both urban and rural settings. The dynamic variety of these physicians include an acknowledged novelist (New York Times) and numerous insightful academics. All are deeply committed to family medicine in both urban and rural settings. Their wealth of experience is only surpassed by their enthusiasm for the program and for the participating residents. Their energy, openness, accessibility and dedication provide a vitality not often found in such programs. The faculty works hard to instill these feelings in each of the residents. They do so with the belief that an inspired team is part of an inspired learning experience.

Residents who are looking for individual attention and for a close relationship with colleagues and faculty will find our program especially satisfying.