About the Director

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“It is a tremendous privilege to be a family physician.  I am honored to partner with patients to improve their heath and cultivate wellness in context of their lives, their families and our community.”

Stephanie Rosener, MD, IBCLC leads the residency program.  Throughout her career she has been deeply committed to improving health and access to care for all members of the community, and to training and mentoring the next generation of family physicians.  Dr. Rosener has a strong interest in maternal child health including management of labor and birth, postpartum depression, prematurity prevention and breastfeeding.  She is an experienced educator, researcher, author and contributor to regional and national initiatives, including efforts to improve birth outcomes and advance maternity care training for resident physicians.

Dr. Rosener is an honored to lead an extraordinary group of passionate, experienced, dedicated faculty with experience in urban, rural and global practice settings.  All are deeply committed to family medicine and our shared mission, and the wealth of their experience is only surpassed by their enthusiasm for the residency program and our residents. Their energy, openness, accessibility and dedication provide a vitality not often found in residency programs. The faculty works hard to instill these attributes in each of the residents.  They do so with the belief that an inspired team is key to creating an inspired learning community.

Residents who are looking for support to explore their own pathway in medicine and for a close relationship with colleagues and faculty will find our program especially satisfying.