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Three questions parents should ask before planning spring break

  • You don’t have to make extravagant plans to have a meaningful spring break with your children.
  • Spending quality time with your children improves their mental health and boosts their confidence.
  • When thinking about ways to connect with your children, consider their ages, interests and needs.

It’s time for spring break and a social media feed filled with beautiful families, tropical locations and what appears to be perpetual joy. But it may not be what it seems. Social media highlights the curated version of life, leading some people to believe they can’t enjoy spring break if they can’t recreate what they’ve seen on a screen. That’s simply not true.

Three questions you need to ask before you plan a vacation:

You can have a great spring break, even if you can’t leave town or get the entire week off with your children. Remember, spring break is about giving students an academic break. It just so happens to present a time for families to also connect. So, ask yourself three things when considering how you want to spend spring break:

  1. What makes you and your family feel happy?
  2. What makes you and your family feel recharged?
  3. What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

Once you and the kids have answered those questions, think about who your children are. What are their ages, likes and dislikes, and what can they handle? You have to incorporate those factors into your plans. You can plan the perfect theme park vacation, but if you haven’t realistically considered your toddler will need breaks, likely have a meltdown and cry over a toy you have no intention of buying, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. This “break” is not about perfection; it’s about real connection.

Ways to connect without breaking the bank

Spending quality time with your children improves their mental health, boosts their confidence, strengthens the family bond and makes parenting more enjoyable. If you can spend that quality time on a cool vacation during spring break, go for it. If you can’t, there are other ways to connect.

  1. Turn off the screens. We tend to go into our own worlds when we have our own devices.
  2. Watch a show or movie. Choose something you and the kids can watch together. Whip up your favorite snacks and when it’s over, discuss your favorite parts.
  3. Take your kids to a special place. It can be the library, a water park or their favorite place. Use this time to let them show you what they love. Tap into your inner child and participate with them if you can.
  4. Sleepover trades. Host a sleepover at your house one night. It will allow you to interact with your children and their friends, while giving the friends’ parents time to themselves. A couple of days later, the other family can host a sleepover and give you a free night.
  5. Don’t over plan. What’s most important is to take time to relax and enjoy yourself (as much as a parent can).


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