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Kids set their phones down to play outside


Five tips to decrease screen time for kids

We live in a world full of electronics and screens. We can find screens everywhere, from the face of a cell phone to the big movie screen. There are television, computer, tablet screens and more. People spend time in front of screens for work as well as play. While they are necessary, many people spend far too much time in front of a screen.

Screen time includes time spent:

  • watching television
  • using the computer or internet
  • texting
  • playing handheld games.

Our bodies are designed to move. When we sit in front of a television screen for hours, for example, we don't get the amount of physical activity our bodies need every day. Plus, too much time in front of a screen can be harmful to our eyes. It's important to look away from screens every 20 minutes so our eyes have a chance to focus on other objects before returning to the screen.

Most people can't change how much time they spend on the computer for work or school, but you can decrease your screen time during other times of the day and on the weekend. Try some of these tips to get you, and your kids, moving:  

1. During commercials, do stretches, dance, do sit-ups or march in place. For even more ideas, try some Health Powered Kids™ Power Chargers.

2. Turn off the television if nobody's really watching.

3. Plan ahead! Look at the shows that are going to be on and choose which one would be good to watch.

4. Avoid eating while at the computer or watching TV. Not only will this help keep your family from eating too much, it will also encourage conversation!

5. Set a timer to help your family remember to get away from the TV or computer or whatever screen they are using. It's easy to lose track of time when you're in front of a screen.


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