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Make your partner's heart race

Instead of gifts of love for Valentine's Day, why not try an act of love with an activity that gets your and your partner's hearts racing? Think outside the box (of flowers, chocolates, food) and share a workout together.  

You may be surprised to discover how increasing your heart rate can make a fitting gift for Valentine's Day, including decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, increased perception of attractiveness, boost to self-esteem and enhanced physiological sexual arousal and awareness of sensations. What better way to demonstrate love to your partner, or even yourself, than with a workout?  

Here are some activities to help start thinking outside the heart-shaped box:  

Go for a run or walk. Sign up for a Valentine's Day 5k or just pound the pavement around your neighborhood.

  Go for a walk or run

Attend a group fitness class. Most gyms have drop in rates for a variety of classes from boot camp to yoga.

Attend a group fitness class

 Let's dance. Sign up for an instructor-led introductory lesson or plan a night in the clubs to show off your moves.

Let's dance

Try skiing or snowshoeing. There are many local venues to rent cross-country and downhill skis or snowshoeing equipment and enjoy the great outdoors.

Try skiing or snowshoeing

Go ice skating. Minnesota really embraces winter activities, which means you don't have to go far to find a rink. In fact, there are even opportunities for free skate rentals.

Go ice skating

Take a walking tour. Most people only take a tour when on vacation, but surprise! Your hometown is a great place to tour (in fact, others actually come here to do it). An added bonus is that winter tours are usually less crowded.

Take a walking tour

Go rock climbing. It's a year-round sport with many indoor facilities ready to show you and your partner the ropes.

Go rock climbing

Try partner exercises. You don't have to venture out of the house or invest in equipment when you use your partner as resistance.

Try partner exercises

Make this Valentine's Day memorable with a new experience that gets your heart racing. As with all exercise, your body needs the proper fuel for good performance so there's no need to skip the restaurant entirely either!



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