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Find your sole mate in five steps

Between blisters, crunched toes, pain, tired feet, and tight shoes finding the right shoes can be a pain. As a podiatrist, I see patients daily who are experiencing shoe-related issues with their feet. I can't stress enough the importance of choosing the right shoe for your feet so you can keep active and moving. Here are five steps toward finding shoes that could be your sole mate.

  1. Arch support: Look for a shoe that has a supportive arch, which may vary for each person based on your instep.
  2. Side support: Shoes should also feel supportive on the sides, in front and in back. You want your foot to feel cradled and well-protected.
  3. Roomy toe box: Your toes should have room to wiggle a little. You shouldn't have to "wear in" your shoes to feel comfortable.
  4. Cushioning: Look for a shoe with cushioning in the heel and ball of your foot to minimize tired and painful feet. An over the counter shoe insert can help add cushioning to your shoe.
  5. Breathable material: Choose a shoe made of natural material to help your feet breathe, this is important for healthy feet.

The next time you're out shoe shopping, if you are only interested in a pair of shoes because they look good or match an outfit, remember these five steps and choose comfort over style for the sake of your soles.


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