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30 minutes to an improved you

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30 minutes to an improved you:
With just 30 minutes of exercise, five days a week an improved you is possible in many ways.

30 minutes to weight loss
What you'll burn in 30 minutes of activity (156 pound person):

  • Laundry: 71 calories
  • Weight lifting: 106 calories
  • Grocery shopping: 124
  • Raking, walking, yoga: 142 calories
  • Gardening: 177 calories
  • Golfing (carrying clubs), dancing: 195 calories
  • Swimming, Pilates: 213 calories
  • Stationary bicycling (moderately): 248 calories
  • Running (10 minute mile): 355 calories

30 minutes to happier:

  • 60% more likely to rate yourself above average on attractiveness
  • Improves mood for up to 12 hours afterward
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Significantly improves mild to moderate depression

30 minutes to better sleep:
Exercise is a non-pharmaceutical alternative to improve overall sleep quality.

  • 45% less likely to have trouble concentrating
  • 65% less likely to feel sleepy during the day
  • 68% less likely to have leg cramps while sleeping

30 minutes to a longer life:

  • You can put yourself at lower risk of dying early.

30 minutes to more brainpower:

  • Exercise leads to the creation of new brain cells (neurogenesis) and slows the brain's physical decay.

30 minutes to improved sex:
Exercise enhances the physiological sexual arousal and awareness of sensations.

  • 169% increase in stronger erections for men
  • 169% increase in greater arousal for women
  • 30% less likely to have erectile dysfunction

30 minutes to younger skin:
Regular exercise makes skin appear younger.

  • Improves skin thickness
  • Reverse skin aging, even in people who start exercising late in life


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