Insurance coverage

Health care benefits are constantly changing and differ from plan to plan and provider to provider. It is important for you to understand your health care benefits before your surgery. Now is a good time to call your insurance provider and find out exactly what is and isn't covered under your plan.

Use the information below to help you determine your insurance coverage.

Determining your health insurance coverage

Questions to ask your insurance provider before your hospital stay

Insurance coverage for colon or rectal (colorectal) surgery is different from plan to plan. You need to know what your health plan covers. To learn about your specific coverage, call your insurance provider at least two weeks before your surgery. Look for the telephone number on your membership card. Use the information below as a guide to help you get a clear idea of your coverage.

  1. Insurance provider phone number:
    Policy number:
    Date and time of call:
    Person spoken to:
  2. I am scheduled for a: ____________________.
    What is the normal hospital stay for my surgery?
  3. Does my hospital stay need to be pre-approved?
    If yes, who should pre-approve my hospital stay?
    What do I need to do to receive the pre-approval?
  4. Will more hospital days be covered if there are complications?
    If yes, how many extra days are covered?
  5. Is my surgeon covered under my insurance plan?

Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Understanding Your Colon or Rectal Surgery, can-ah-95399
First Published: 01/24/2013
Last Reviewed: 08/15/2017