Letters of thanks

The following article was written about a recent patient and an employee at Buffalo Hospital.

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While cleaning a patient’s room at Buffalo Hospital, Sandie Langbehn learned that the patient was wearing a hat due to extensive hair loss. The patient commented that the hat was really itchy. Langbehn, an Environmental Services aide, felt that the patient appeared to be rather miserable as a result. She went on to tell the patient that she makes soft fleece hats and she would like to make the patient one to help improve her comfort level. The patient graciously accepted the offer.

Langbehn went home that evening and told her husband that he needed to make dinner because she had something very important to do. The next day, she entered the patient’s room carrying not one, but five different hats so that the patient would have options.

The patient was delighted that Langbehn had taken the time and effort to do something so kind for someone she had just briefly met the day before. It was clear that Langbehn brightened the patient’s day, as her act of kindness was acknowledged by the patient’s family member a couple of days later.

When Langbehn was asked about the act of compassion, she simply said, “I am not a doctor or a nurse and I realize I am notable to heal patients in a physical sense, but I know there is always something I can do for our patients—I can help them heal their mind and spirit.”

The following letter was written by a patient and her family at Buffalo Hospital.

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To the staff of Buffalo Hospital Birth Center,
My husband and I wanted to commend your Birth Center staff that shared our “special” moment with us for a job well done! We would like to personally recognize Paula, my delivery nurse, Karen, the baby nurses, and Sharon, Barb, Kathy and Mary to name a few. From the moment that we walked into your department we were treated with sincere kindness and warmth. The passion that was exhibited by the staff was very evident. We weren't treated as if we were just another number. Our stay at Buffalo Hospital during the birth of our son will not be forgotten.

The following letter was written by a patient at Buffalo Hospital.

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To the staff of Buffalo Hospital,
So often people think it necessary to complain and mention shortcomings. My husband and I feel it is just as necessary to relay compliments. When we recently needed to visit Urgent Care at Buffalo Hospital we were treated with kindness, empathy and respect. These professionals gave us confidence in what they were doing and had a sense of humor that put us at ease. We feel fortunate to live in an area that can provide quality care with a smile.

The following letter was written by the family of a patient at Buffalo Hospital.

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To the staff of Buffalo Hospital,
Many thanks for the kind care which you gave to our father. We were impressed with each of you who cared for dad—the genuine compassion, prompt attention and loving care—you are God’s angels of mercy. Thank you.

The following letter was written by a patient after her stay at Buffalo Hospital.

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All members of the Hospital staff –
I had surgery in May and you really made me feel so special. Thanks!

The following letter was written by a son after his mother’s 12 day stay at Buffalo Hospital as a patient.

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My mother, her children and myself have never been treated better in any other hospital. The staff all over have been so congenial, friendly, helpful and courteous. I live on the Canadian border and would drive the 350 miles to Buffalo if I had to be in a hospital. You all deserve to have that sign in front of the hospital. You are the “top” hospital in my families’ book. Keep up the good work.

The following letter was sent to Buffalo Hospital after the birth of a new baby.

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To all the Birth Center nurses,
We want to express our warmest thanks for all your care when our daughter was born. Our memory of the wonderful care that we received 3 years ago when our son was born played a very significant part in our decision to have our new daughter delivered by elective C-section at Buffalo Hospital rather than pursue VBAC at another hospital. You are all truly exceptional caregivers. We look forward to seeing you again in about another 3 years.

The following letter was sent to Buffalo Hospital by a recent patient.

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I’ve said many prayers this past month of my life and one that I keep repeating is that of great appreciation to have been cared for at a health care facility so dedicated to what they do. Buffalo Hospital has truly been blessed with a caring and compassionate staff. Confidentiality and privacy were of their concern, as well, and I must say, all was maintained well.