Change Healthcare Cyberattack

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) announced that the February 2024 cyberattack on Change Healthcare may have compromised the personal information of patients across the U.S. While Allina Health has not been notified that the personal information of our patients was impacted, UHG is offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

You can pay your bill online by referring to the code in the upper right corner of your paper statement.

COVID-19 testing and treatment costs

Allina Health is not collecting copays and deductibles for diagnostic COVID-19 tests. Many employers and health insurers are required to pay for diagnostic COVID-19 testing. Contact your insurance company with specific questions about out-of-pocket costs or other charges that could be incurred at the time of service. Allina Health does not charge patients a fee for a COVID-19 test if they are uninsured and unable to pay. To learn more about COVID-19 testing, related billing and more, visit our COVID-19 frequently asked questions page.

Online bill payment refund policy

If there was an error in your transaction via Allina Health online bill pay, it is important to notify Customer Service at 612-262-9000 as soon as possible to begin the cancellation or refund process.

A refund will be processed within 10 to 30 business days once the over payment has been identified by Allina Health System.

View our billing and collections policy.

Your rights and protections against surprise medical bills

"Surprise billing" is an unexpected balance bill. This can happen when you can’t control who is involved in your care—like when you have an emergency or when you schedule a visit at an in-network facility but are unexpectedly treated by an out-of-network provider.

Review your Rights and Protection against Surprise Billing.

Click or call to get a price estimate

Price estimates for many hospital services are available online. Sign in to your Allina Health account now to use the price estimates tool. Don’t have an account? Create a price estimate as a guest.

You can also call to get a price estimate:

To prepare for the price estimate:

  • Have your insurance card.
  • Know the procedure or treatment code for the service. Your health care provider can give you the code(s). If you don’t know the code, you can search by keyword for the procedure.
  • Review your rights to a good faith estimate.

Can’t find the procedure or service you’re looking for? Call 612-262-4930.

Itemized bill

Sign in to your Allina Health account to see an itemized list of your hospital charges. Note: this bill may not show any payments made or discounts applied by your health insurance provider. If you have questions on how much you will need to pay, contact your insurance provider.

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Information about pricing

Hospitals: See pricing information
Select a specific hospital below to view its list of charges. You can also see the reimbursement rates of health insurance providers.

Pricing transparency

Primary Care Clinics: Please select the link below for a list of the most common primary care visit types and the respective charge and average reimbursement rate from insurance companies.

Top 25 Primary Care Clinic charges and reimbursements

If you have any questions about price estimates, please call 612-262-4930.

Facility fee

Hospital-based clinics may charge a separate facility fee. Your insurance may cover all or a portion of this fee. Contact your insurance provider using the phone number on the back of your insurance ID card to learn what your out-of-pocket costs might be.


MedCredit Financial Services provides a financing option that enables you to consolidate health care expenses from any participating provider that offers MedCredit.


There is no credit application required. No annual fees or dues. The annual percentage rate ranges from 5% to 2%, depending on your account balance. 

  • For more information about MedCredit, call 763-585-8444 or 1-800-755-0965.
  • To open a new MedCredit account, complete the online application
  • To add an outstanding balance to an existing MedCredit account, fill out the MedCredit form.