Spiritual care

Our mission

Rooted in theological integrity and sacred traditions, we minister to the human condition to foster individual and corporate healing, meaning and hope.

Spiritual care is an important part of the healing environment at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Chaplains are available to patients and their loved ones for support, comfort, guidance and advocacy. The Center for Reflection and Renewal in the Heart Hospital lobby offers a labyrinth for meditative walking, a quiet prayer alcove, and comforting and encouraging print resources from many faith traditions. Occasional services are offered form the hospital community.

Contact us

To request a visit from a spiritual care provider, call 612-863-4370.

Chaplains are in the hospital on weekdays and on-call at all times. Urgent requests should be directed to a nurse who will contact the on-call chaplain. Volunteer Eucharistic ministers provide communion to Catholic patients on a regular basis.

Our scope of practice

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Quality spiritual care

Responding to the deepest healing needs of patients and their loved ones through spiritual assessment, care and counseling in collaboration with health care staff.

Mental Health

Clinical education for ministry

Developing competent, spiritually and ethically sensitive professionals in ministry, through the clinical education program.

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Leadership in ethics

Promoting values of a just and compassionate society with the hospital, health system and broader community.

spiritual care at abbott northwestern hospital


Spiritual health providers are available to patients and their loved ones for support, comfort, guidance and advocacy. They respect all religious or spiritual preferences and collaborate with hospital staff to give patients the best care possible including:

  • attending to the spiritual and emotional well-being of patients and their loved ones
  • listening to and assisting patients in making meaning of their health care experience
  • providing spiritual guidance, devotions, rituals and sacraments
  • offering compassion and counseling in the midst of injury, illness and frightening life changes
  • contacting places of worship and clergy or other spiritual leaders
  • consulting on ethical issues and health care decisions
  • providing spiritual and emotional support for hospital staff

Spiritual care staff

portrait of Michael Le BuhnManager

Michael has returned to the ANW team, having completed his CPE Residency here and then serving as a staff chaplain at Mercy Hospital Unity Campus. His experience serving as a hospital chaplain includes intensive care, palliative care, COVID-19, mental health, chemical dependency, and trauma one. Michael previously worked as a chaplain at Open Table Nashville, a non-profit that serves people experiencing homelessness. Michael is a veteran of the United States Army and former Soldier of the Year for the White House Military Office. When he’s not at work, Michael enjoys comic books, gardening, vegan cuisine, live music and stand-up comedy.

portrait of Abdifatah AbdiAbdifatah Abdi is a Muslim faith leader/counselor in Minnesota’s Somali community, serving for a decade as an Islamic school teacher to educate people of all ages about Islam, its tenets, and verses. In that time, Abdifatah also received a Master's in Islamic Theology and Studies from the Islamic University of Minnesota. As a Muslim Staff Chaplain in the Twin Cities, Abdifatah connects with valued community members to provide spiritual care. When not at work, Abdifatah enjoys evening walks, reading and spending time with his family and community.

portait of Kimberlee Anderson-DiazKimberlee loves a good story (preferably shared over a cup of tea), whether it’s in a book, a movie, or in a patient’s room. She cannot walk into a Target without reading a children’s book and will happily read aloud to you if you’re with her. Kimberlee’s clinical focus is oncology, though she serves in numerous areas around the hospital. Prior to chaplaincy, Kimberlee worked as a volunteer coordinator for Court Appointed Special Advocates, a non-profit that trains and supports volunteers who advocate for children in the foster system. As a Queer chaplain, Kimberlee has a special place in her heart for those who have been left out or cast out by institutional religion, LGBTQ folks and the “nones” and “dones.”
portait of David BergstromDavid wants to live in a world where peace exists for everyone, where donuts and ice cream burn calories, and where kids do their chores without giving excuses or complaining. With fourteen years of clinical work, he has experience in multiple areas, as well as being the keynote speaker for regional health care conferences. When he is not at work, he is fixing up his house or some meals for his wife, dog, and two teenage sons, enjoying the creativity of the Marvel and DC universes, or looking for a quiet place to read or draw. David is curious about the intersection between resiliency, creativity and faith, and in his spare time is a professional artist.
portrait of Ken BurgKen served as a pastor in churches in Pennsylvania, New York, New Hope, MN, and Northfield, MN for thirty years and has been at Abbott Northwestern since 2011 working primarily in cardiology while simultaneously serving throughout the hospital. Ken is married to Jane and has two grown, married children and two granddaughters. Ken is regularly amazed at what our care teams do to save lives and finds it an honor to round out Allina’s 360-degree Whole Person Care commitment.
Volunteer Eucharistic ministers provide communion to Catholic patients on a regular basis.