Abbott Northwestern Hospital Campus Revitalization Program

Allina Health Abbott Northwestern Hospital:
Committed to improving our home in the Phillips Neighborhood for the long run

Allina Health is planning a multi-year infrastructure project at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital campus. This project will help us transform our patient facilities and prepare us to provide care for the next 50 years—in a neighborhood we’ve called home for 138 years.

This project is part of our commitment to redefine health care. We call it the Whole Way to Better. It’s about investing in our communities, addressing big issues in health care, and delivering whole person care—body, mind, spirit and connections to others.

campus with structures highlighted

Before we improve Abbott Northwestern Hospital, we must complete two critical infrastructure updates first:

  • Build a new Central Utility Plant (CUP)
  • Build a new Transportation Hub (Ramp 7) and add two levels of parking to Ramp 6

Central Utility Plant (CUP)

View the CUP construction camera

Architect's rendering of new central utility plant at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Concept drawing of a new Central Utility Plant at 26th Street and Chicago Avenue

WHAT: The Central Utility Plant will replace the hospital’s old energy and steam producing equipment with more reliable and energy-efficient technology.

WHERE: A new building will go up at Chicago Avenue and East 26th Street, replacing the Harriet Walker and Education buildings.

WHEN: This project is expected to begin in April 2021.

WHY: There are a number of reasons driving the new Central Utility Plant project...

  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital currently relies on equipment from 1956 to generate steam to heat and cool its buildings, sterilize 5 million surgical instruments per year and heat the Children’s Minnesota – Minneapolis campus. It is time for our outdated equipment to be replaced.
  • Hospitals need reliable power to provide 24/7 emergency, surgical and other medical services.
  • Hospitals are required to be self-sustaining for up to four days in the event of a power outage. This requires reliable and efficient generators.
Architectural rendering of new transportation hub

Concept drawing of a new Transportation Hub on Chicago Avenue, adjacent to the Greenway

WHAT: A new Transportation Hub will provide parking for patients and employees. It will support bikes and other non-vehicle transportation users. And it will improve the look, feel and safety of the street level.

  • This new facility will enhance the safety and usability of Chicago Avenue and the sidewalk along the Greenway. Improvements include new lighting, street level office space leased to local organizations, plants and trees, and versatility for future uses.
  • The Transportation Hub project will also relocate overhead power lines underground for improved safety.
  • The roof of the new structure will feature a community solar garden.

WHERE: The Transportation Hub will replace the 2837 Chicago Ave surface parking lot. We will also build two levels of parking atop the existing ramp on 2800 10th Ave South.

WHEN: This project is expected to begin in early spring of 2021.

WHY: There are a number of reasons driving the new Transportation Hub project...

  • We need better parking for the 200,000+ patients who come from all over the Midwest for care at Abbott Northwestern Hospital every year. Also, our employees need better support for multiple modes of commuting, like biking.
    where our employees work sm
  • The new Transportation Hub will help reduce neighborhood congestion by getting vehicles off the streets.
  • The project is part of our strategy to reduce the use of single-occupancy motor vehicles for commuting. Learn more about Allina Health’s innovative program to reduce our single-occupancy vehicle rate.
  • A new Transportation Hub will allow us to make future updates and stay within our current footprint. Once the new Transportation Hub is open, we plan to repurpose the location currently occupied by Ramp 1.

Open communications are vital

We are committed to keeping you informed. Check back for updates about this project.

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For questions, concerns or ideas, call the Allina Health campus development phone line: 612-262-1010

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Community commitment

As we begin improvements to Abbott Northwestern Hospital, our continued dedication to our neighbors and community will be stronger than ever.

Environmental sustainability

Taking care of our environment is critical to ensure good health for our community.


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